London Travel Diaries, part 2

We arrived in London on Tuesday and, surprise, it was raining. The hotel was a bit dodgy, but with our budget, we expected that. I actually quite liked the suburban area it was in. Seeing "real" London was a key part of this trip; we already know the tourist spots by heart, and it's impossible to love a city unless you know all of it, all its magic and all its unique flaws.

 After a walk around Topshop (be still, my heart) and a lovely vegan dinner at an Indian restaurant, we went to bed.

Wednesday was a beautiful yet rainy day. In the evening we hid out at the Dominion theatre to enjoy an outstanding performance of the Queen musical We Will Rock You (go and see it! It will be one of the most amazing shows of your life). David can't stand musicals, yet he adored this show. I was expecting a great night, sure, but I had no idea I was in for the best show I've ever seen (and as a former actress, I've seen lots of musicals).

Amazing. Mind-blowing.

The museums, of course, were great as usual. On Thursday we visited the British museum (lots of ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian history) and the National Gallery (some of the best art in the world). I love that most museums are free in London. If you're a broke Londoner with nothing to do on a Saturday, you can just walk around museums all day. Wonderful.

On Thursday night, we had a really yummy vegan dinner at a local pub! Another thing I love about London is that you can eat vegan food virtually everywhere. On Thursday we also enjoyed a fabulous vegan Asian lunch menu, which had some amazing fake-meats! Quality vegan food available everywhere is what I miss in Italy (and this, unfortunately, has kept me from going vegan, among other things).

...and as for other things...let's say we found everything we were looking for, and more.


  1. Ahhh Londra... LA città.

  2. Magical photos! Can you imagine how crazy it will be with the Olympics soon?! x

  3. raining in london? surprise surprise! ;) buon viaggio!

  4. Good point about the museums and galleries, most are free and a good place to spend and afternoon if it's raining.


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