London Travel Diaries, part 1

Beautiful, rainy London. It never ceases to amaze me how this city stays the same and yet is always new, every time I visit I feel at home and still discover new things. This city has an amazing atmosphere all its own. It's vibrant, rebellious, edgy. Even in the most horrible weather ever (never-ending downpours that never fail to destroy every illusion of spring...how do Londoners do it?) this city is still so magical.

More pictures coming up in a second post...where I'll also be telling you more about this whirlwind of a trip!


  1. che nostalgia vedendo le foto... vien voglia di ritornarci :P vedo cmq che hai trovato almeno un pochino di sole :D

  2. E' una città magica e spero di tornarci presto!!
    Aspetto le altre foto!! :)

  3. adoro londra e ogni scusa è buona per tornarci...
    buon viaggio!!


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