In Desperate Need of Shopping: My Spring Wishlist

I woke up this morning, took a look inside my closet and faced the cold, hard facts: I have no clothes.

Cue laughter from fiancè.

It's true, my closet may be so full it's bursting, but I have absolutely nothing to wear for spring (seriously David, stop laughing).

Having packed away the cable knits, the wool-free coats, the knee-high vegan winter boots and my beloved snoods, I realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear for my favorite season.

After much pondering (and going to the office pretty much in my pyjamas), I came to the inevitable conclusion: I have to go shopping.

You may recognize the white H&M dress from this post. I'm in LOVE with this dress. It WILL be mine.

The floral wedges just look so 70s and would be amazing with jeans or shorts.

...and speaking of shorts. The Topshop pair is just killer. I love the studs and would wear them with the Michael Kors top from The Outnet. topped with the Accessorize sunglasses.

The H&M ballet flats: this is something I think everyone should buy! They're such a style staple as they go with absolutely everything, from skinny jeans to cocktail dresses.

The Mango dress would be such a treat. It would truly bring a pop of color into my otherwise pretty black-white-and-the-odd-stripe closet.

And the skirt. The pleated pink super-dreamy skirt. Not sure how my not-so-supermodel calves would look in this, but imagine it with a white tee and wedges. I die.

Now. If only I could afford to go shopping.

All products are VEGAN


  1. Ma sono leopardate quelle ballerine?
    Entrano subito anche nella mia wish list!

  2. Mia: sì sono leopardate! E costano davvero poco!

  3. ahahahahah anche io avrei bisogno di un po' di acquisti... :(


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