Cooking in Heels: Vegan Banana Chocolate Crepes (Yes It's Possible!)

I thought, up until recently, that it was impossible to make a good pancake or crepe without eggs. I'd gotten used to the idea that once I go vegan, I'd have to give up eating crepes forever (compared to the suffering of millions of animals, it didn't seem like a huge sacrifice). Then, Sunday night, I tried my hand at making vegan crepes.

...observe that I do not own an eletric blender, so I just threw flour, soy milk and sugar together in a mixer and mixed the heck out of it. Then, I proceeded to pour soy seed oil into a frying pan and creating my masterpiece (well, David's masterpiece. If it was me doing the actual crepe-making, they'd be called "messed-up, burned flour balls" instead). I melted some vegan dark chocolate in a separate pan (did you know Nutella is not vegan? One more thing I have to give up) and sliced some bananas on top! VoilĂ !

They tasted amazing, a batch made us three pancakes (we shared the third one) and they were so much lighter than nonvegan crepes. I went to bed with nothing weighing on my stomach or my conscience. See, my cooking skills are improving.


  1. oh-mio-dio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Domani le provo, ho giusto 3 banane da far fuori! :D


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