Delicious Beauty: Lush Chocolate Mask

I have told you countless times about my ever-lasting love for Lush. I truly love that brand. Not only their amazing products that ALL work, but also their feisty, indulgent attitude that makes going into the stores so much more fun. Lush sales assistants are also the best - they give you advice without hard-selling.

Last time I went into Lush, I bought a shampoo and a face wash, and the sales assistant gave me a free sample of a chocolate fask mask.

This mask is fabulous. If I could eat it, I would.

It smells like heaven (aka, chocolate of course) and it makes my skin feel soft and super-hydrated and smooth. I'm actually wearing the mask while typing right now and it has a marvellous scent. This is my Easter chocolate - cruelty-free and good for the planet, as well as for my face!

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