London Travel Diaries, part 2

We arrived in London on Tuesday and, surprise, it was raining. The hotel was a bit dodgy, but with our budget, we expected that. I actually quite liked the suburban area it was in. Seeing "real" London was a key part of this trip; we already know the tourist spots by heart, and it's impossible to love a city unless you know all of it, all its magic and all its unique flaws.

 After a walk around Topshop (be still, my heart) and a lovely vegan dinner at an Indian restaurant, we went to bed.


London Travel Diaries, part 1

Beautiful, rainy London. It never ceases to amaze me how this city stays the same and yet is always new, every time I visit I feel at home and still discover new things. This city has an amazing atmosphere all its own. It's vibrant, rebellious, edgy. Even in the most horrible weather ever (never-ending downpours that never fail to destroy every illusion of spring...how do Londoners do it?) this city is still so magical.


Ready to Go

This week has been all about planning, packing, and, well, surviving.

Things I'm worried about, regarding the London trip:

The hotel being in a dodgy area
The hotel being dodgy
Having to pay extra fees at Ryanair for...breathing
Raining all the time
Topshop not having those biker wellies
Things not going like I want them to

...but all in all, I'm hopeful.

Getting ready....and dreaming London dreams


Cooking in Heels: Vegan Banana Chocolate Crepes (Yes It's Possible!)

I thought, up until recently, that it was impossible to make a good pancake or crepe without eggs. I'd gotten used to the idea that once I go vegan, I'd have to give up eating crepes forever (compared to the suffering of millions of animals, it didn't seem like a huge sacrifice). Then, Sunday night, I tried my hand at making vegan crepes.

...observe that I do not own an eletric blender, so I just threw flour, soy milk and sugar together in a mixer and mixed the heck out of it. Then, I proceeded to pour soy seed oil into a frying pan and creating my masterpiece (well, David's masterpiece. If it was me doing the actual crepe-making, they'd be called "messed-up, burned flour balls" instead). I melted some vegan dark chocolate in a separate pan (did you know Nutella is not vegan? One more thing I have to give up) and sliced some bananas on top! Voilà!

They tasted amazing, a batch made us three pancakes (we shared the third one) and they were so much lighter than nonvegan crepes. I went to bed with nothing weighing on my stomach or my conscience. See, my cooking skills are improving.


Seven Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating...With His Guitar

I have been with my fiancé for four and a half years, living together for three. He's never given me a reason to be jealous, except for one woman in his life...or two, now that I think about it: his two handmade (by himself) guitars, one classic and one electric.

Three of David's biggest passions: the sea, the guitar, and supermodel Daria Werbowy.

pic from Pinterest


Things I Love: The Kind Diet

I know, I just used the words "love" and "diet" in the same sentence, which is very non-me. But the Kind Diet is not like other diets. First of all, it's not just about losing weight (weight loss can be a welcome consequence, but it's not the only goal of the diet). Second of all, it's not just a diet but a totally and completely awesome way of living.

I've told you before about my admiration for actress, vegan and all-round cruelty-free superhero Alicia Silverstone, the iconic Cher of  Clueless (and star of undying Aerosmith videos such as Crazy, Cryin' and Amazing) who revolutioned her life by going vegan and dedicating herself to saving the planet and the animals. Her amazing, super-inspirational website The Kind Life is one of my daily must-reads and I have just purchased her book The Kind Diet from Amazon.

picture from my Instagram


I'm So Beautiful, Women Hate Me: On Samantha Brick & Female Envy

Last week I read this Daily Mail article after finding the link on Becks and the City, one of my favorite blogs. The author of this piece, Samantha Brick, claims women hate her because of her looks.
Charlotte has also written a great post on this, with a video of Sam defending her views on British TV.

Internet storm: Samantha, who lives with her French husband Pascal Rubinatin the Dordogne, could have had no idea what a reaction her piece would provoke

Samantha plus hubby.

Here in Italy, female envy is a highly discussed topic. As a woman, it's practically the only reaction you're allowed to have to other women. You're jealous if you don't like a certain blogger (especially if they're tall, blonde and wealthy). You're jealous if you honestly don't want to be famous or on TV, because you can't get there anyway, can you, since you're just not pretty enough. If I don't like Cheryl Cole's music, it's because I'm "jealous" of her. It's completely out of the question that one might have respectful personal views on someone else's work, clothes, talents and/or personality. No, as a woman you're supposed to be either a herd-following sheep or a bitter, jealous old witch who will die alone and be eaten by her cat.


Delicious Beauty: Lush Chocolate Mask

I have told you countless times about my ever-lasting love for Lush. I truly love that brand. Not only their amazing products that ALL work, but also their feisty, indulgent attitude that makes going into the stores so much more fun. Lush sales assistants are also the best - they give you advice without hard-selling.

Last time I went into Lush, I bought a shampoo and a face wash, and the sales assistant gave me a free sample of a chocolate fask mask.

This mask is fabulous. If I could eat it, I would.

It smells like heaven (aka, chocolate of course) and it makes my skin feel soft and super-hydrated and smooth. I'm actually wearing the mask while typing right now and it has a marvellous scent. This is my Easter chocolate - cruelty-free and good for the planet, as well as for my face!


Beautiful Creatures

First of all, happy Easter to those of you that are Christian! I'm not religious, but Easter's a big deal here in Italy, so ll be celebrating with lunch at my in-laws' tomorrow. Today, I spent the morning at the dog and cat shelter, which was a wonderful experience as always.

a cute moment with two shelter puppies last weekend. The black puppy was so cuddly. The white one was really shy but still adorable. They've both been adopted now.


Things I Love: H&M Exclusive Conscious Red Carpet Collection

I saw the first pics on Coco's Tea Party and I fell in major LOVE. Apparently, Michelle Williams wasn't the only one to dare to wear low cost on the red carpet - Kristin Davis and Amanda Seyfriend are two other famous faces that stepped out in H&M at glamorous events around the globe.

So now, my favorite Swedes over at H&M have decided to join fashion and compassion to create the beautiful Exclusive Conscious Red Carpet collection, made from sustainable materials. It's gorgeous, it's eco-friendly and it goes live on April 12th.

And I absolutely love it.


In Desperate Need of Shopping: My Spring Wishlist

I woke up this morning, took a look inside my closet and faced the cold, hard facts: I have no clothes.

Cue laughter from fiancè.

It's true, my closet may be so full it's bursting, but I have absolutely nothing to wear for spring (seriously David, stop laughing).

Having packed away the cable knits, the wool-free coats, the knee-high vegan winter boots and my beloved snoods, I realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear for my favorite season.

After much pondering (and going to the office pretty much in my pyjamas), I came to the inevitable conclusion: I have to go shopping.

You may recognize the white H&M dress from this post. I'm in LOVE with this dress. It WILL be mine.

The floral wedges just look so 70s and would be amazing with jeans or shorts.

...and speaking of shorts. The Topshop pair is just killer. I love the studs and would wear them with the Michael Kors top from The Outnet. topped with the Accessorize sunglasses.

The H&M ballet flats: this is something I think everyone should buy! They're such a style staple as they go with absolutely everything, from skinny jeans to cocktail dresses.

The Mango dress would be such a treat. It would truly bring a pop of color into my otherwise pretty black-white-and-the-odd-stripe closet.

And the skirt. The pleated pink super-dreamy skirt. Not sure how my not-so-supermodel calves would look in this, but imagine it with a white tee and wedges. I die.

Now. If only I could afford to go shopping.

All products are VEGAN