Things I Love: Versatile Blogger Award & New Blog Crushes

Recently I've been awarded a Versatile Blogger award by Linda at Letters To Daria (thanks Linda!). You should definitely visit Linda's blog - it's well-written and original. And I love the fact that all her posts are letters to the MTV cartoon character, Daria.

This award means I have to tell you seven things about myself.

I know you're thinking: deja-vu. And you're right, well, I tend to win awards often (just kidding). But as you know, I love to talk about myself, so here are 7 things:

1. I woke up ridiculously happy this morning. Then I remembered it's because I dreamed that I lived in New York.

2. I'd love to start meditating, but I have no freaking clue how to do it. Sitting there staring at the wall trying to "clear my mind" just makes me giggly.

3. My favorite Audrey Hepburn movie is Roman Holiday because I love Rome.

4. I want a puppy way more than I want a baby.
5. I desperately, hopelessly, trulymadlydeeply want to move back to California.

6. I'm thinking of abandoning my wedding plans and get married in Vegas or on a beach somewhere.

7. What not to cook if you invite me over for dinner? Mashed potatoes. I can't stand potatoes. I'll only eat them in the form of French fries.

Every once in a while, I renew my Bloglovin' list adding some new favorites. I love discovering new blogs because blogging is all about connecting and I love getting to know someone through their own words and pictures.The bloggers I'd love to share this award with (I hope you check all of them out because they're awesome):

This girl is so inspiring. She's an amazing writer. She's got beautiful style. And she's a cancer survivor.

I'm in love with Sabrina's style! I love the way she pairs basics with It bags, white tees with structured coats, and torn jeans with classy heels.

I love visiting Tati's blog. It's just so cozy in her little world of coffee, fashion, life, and inspiration. And she just seems nice.

I just discovered Charlotte's blog and I think it's interesting and funny. And I adore her header!

El is just incredibly stylish. She also seems like a really nice girl.

I love, love, love Ashley's vintage-inspired hippie-esque style! I think she looks gorgeous in every photo. She's also an amazing stylist. I just wish she'd blog more often!

Not sure what guitars have to do with it, but I love this girl's style. Of course, if I were that gorgeous, I could pull off printed pants as well.

I love this blog! It's so beautiful. The pictures are amazing and the little details in the layout are very quirky and original.

Any other blog tips? Who are your favorite bloggers?


  1. Definitely going to check out all these blogs!

    The Urban Umbrella


  2. Ja det ska bli kul att läsa den, gillar verkligen Rachel :)

  3. Thank you so much! I love your blog so this is such an honour :)

    Thanks also for sharing these other blogs, I was hoping to find new blogs to read today xx

  4. Grazie di cuore! E' davvero bello ed importante essere apprezzata da chi è in cima alla lista delle mie letture preferite! Te lo meriti, continua così! ; )

  5. Wow, what an awesome find WishWishWish is! Loved it so much I've added it to the fashion blogroll on my sidebar.

    I'm thinking it may need to make an appearance in Fabulous Fridays this week as well.

    Thanks for the excellent recommendations, Sascha! : )



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