Things I Love Books: Marley and Me

I don't know about you, but I bawled my eyes out watching the movie Marley and Me. I mean, here I was at the cinema on a Saturday night, laughing at a funny comedy starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, whom I both love, plus the world's craziest dog. And then, out of the blue, almost half the movie is spent (SPOILER!!!) squeezing tears out of the movie-goers (and with me they've struck gold) when the dog gets old and has to be put away. I mean, why? We all know dogs die, but come on. I paid for a movie that the papers' weekend editions called "hilarious", not "you'll want to kill yourself, oh and remind me never to get a pet." This is why I've avoided reading John Grogan's bestseller until now.

Then, my parents' dog, Diana, passed away last year. She was old had to be put away, just like Marley. Sure, we were all really sad, but we remember her as a loved family pet. And last week, a shelter dog that I knew well passed away from old age. This is when I realized that when your animal dies, you don't remember them as "the dog I had that died". You recall all the beautiful memories of playing with him or her, cuddling, taking walks. You remember their life, not their death. So when I found Grogan's book in the library, I went for it. And I'm very glad I did.

This book is heartfelt, smart and incredibly funny. I'm halfway through it and I can't remember the last time I plowed through a book this quickly. John Grogan writes about his life in a warm and unpretentious way that catches your attention and puts you in such a good mood that all you want to do at the end of a long day is curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and read and read and read. Grogan's description of Marley's mischief makes you feel lucky that your dog was never this wild and rebellious, but it also makes you remember how fortunate you are/were to have him or her in your life.

This is not just a dog book. It's a book about life, about relationships, about love, about family, about difficulties and overcoming them. It's an amazing read. Of course, I'm not at the end yet, so the tears are yet to come...

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  1. E' il mio libro preferito in assoluto!!! Quanto ho riso, ma quanto ho pianto...ho un labrador che è terribile esattamente come Marley, puoi immaginarti quanto mi sia immedesimata... Un film stupendo, la vita che vorrei(ecludendo il tragico evento, s'intende!).

  2. Isotta: beata te, quei cani sono stupendi! sono d'accordo su "la vita che vorrei": questi scrivono su un giornale per vivere, abitano sulla spiaggia in Florida e hanno un labrador. Meglio di cosí.

  3. I own this book but I haven't read it yet. I was absolutely inconsolable after the film.. have you seen Hachi? Oh gosh, that one is SO sad! x

  4. Charlotte: no I haven't! I usually try to avoid sad dog movies :-D as I just cry nonstop. But this book is really, really awesome. If you're going to have a dog, he or she WILL die one day - that's inevitable. This book deals with that, but it's only a tiny part of it. I love it so far!


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