Monday, 5 March 2012

Spring Shopping

Ah, spring wardrobe, where art thou?

Spring is coming and spring means new and fresh.

Lately I've been dreaming about someone (like those fashion experts on TV) breaking into my closet with a bin bag, a credit card and a mission: to get rid of all the stuff I don't like anymore (my personal theory is that you can "grow out" of clothes mentally, not just physically) and set me free, free like a bird, among the shops of London, Paris, Milan and New York to track down tons of shiny new spring looks.

 Sometimes you just feel like a change and that time has certainly come. Too bad I can barely afford to go shopping at the discount store.

A few recent bargain finds:

Striped sequinned tee and sunglasses, both H&M.

I love this t-shirt! If I'm ever in doubt on what to wear, I just throw on this with a pair of flared jeans. And the sunnies? I was dying for a new pair as most of mine have tragically broken (yes, even the Max Mara pair that cost over 200 euro).

Sneakers, Converse AllStars

I finally got them! My first AllStars since high school! And I love, love, love them. Too bad I have to wait before I wear them because it's pouring down outside.

More H&M (I could live inside that store!): a fabulous monochrome tee and a pair of black skinnies for 9,95 euro (yes, really!). The necklaces are old: the fake pearls are from Accessorize and the pink stone and bead one is a gift from David's mother.

All products are VEGAN

Pics from my Instagram


  1. anche io voglio quella magliettaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    jeggings a 10 euro? devo andarci. punto.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I sometimes think I'll never be able to stop shopping when I'm in H&M, there's always something I want and it's always in my budget :) Haha!!

    Love the converse and the monochrome with the pearls will look very sophisticated I think! :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

    Come say hey at!

  3. Ciò che ferma il mio shopping sfrenato da H&M è il fatto che purtroppo non c'è nella mia città ;)

    Anche io ho preso da poco il mio primissimo paio di Converse e rimpiango di non averle prese prima. Sono comode, pratiche e vanno bene con quasi tutto!

  4. H&M...che soddisfazioni! La t-shirt a righe paillettata è stupenda!!! Ieri ho fatto un giro veloce ma non l'ho vista! E le Converse? Neanche queste le avevo mai viste, io sono sempre andata sul "sicuro" con i colori piatti, nero, panna e poco altro, queste sono geniali! Che voglie di estateee!!!

  5. Nice stuff, I love the sunnglasses <3

  6. Ahaha.. Love your dream! Would totally need such a burglar too. ;) The HM tee is awesome.

  7. Ahaha.. Love your dream! Would totally need such a burglar too. ;) The HM tee is awesome.

  8. hey babe! I am just starting again with my blog. I hope you can check it.
    Feel free to stop by my blog and follow it as well if you like.


    PS: Great recent finds :)

  9. Thanks for following back :) followed you now..


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