Me and My Dessert: a Twisted Love Affair

Oh sugar, how I love thee.

While looking through my Instagram pictures, I found many of them were of sweets: cakes, chocolate, French toast, breakfasts...I'm a total sugar-aholic (no surprises there).
I've always been very fond of sweets. Since I was a kid, I've preferred sugary treats to salty ones, and it doesn't matter how full I am, there's always room for dessert.

While I've got virtually no other vices (I keep it to a one-drink maximum, am almost-vegan, have never smoked or done drugs, have cut down on my caffeine, and don't even shop a lot), I can't ever say no to a mouth-watering double-chocolate cake from California Bakery or a pistacchio-cream croissant for breakfast. Desserts are just too luxurious to pass up...and they make for awesome photo material:

Unfortunately it's not all fun, games and pink sugar roses. There's proof that sugar "cravings" are a very real addiction and there are ways to kick it in the butt. (yes, I love CrazySexyLife and so should you!). I happen to be very lucky and never gain any weight (please don't hit me), but you should see my dentist's bill! There's no such thing as over-indulging in unhealthy foods and getting away with it.

Having said that, I don't believe in saying no to all of life's little pleasures. It's been proved several times that  dark chocolate is a superfood due to its antioxidants and I never go a day without a square of ultra-dark to go with my green tea. And as for cakes and other kinds of dessert, do you really want to be that girl? The only one at the party turning down the birthday/wedding cake because she's on a diet? The one making her tiramisù-devouring friends feel bad by having a "fruit cup" at Saturday brunch? No, didn't think so. We all hate that girl. And her firm thighs.

I'm dying to start experimenting with vegan dessert and will keep you updated on my progress (warning: witnessing the results of my cooking may destroy your appetite forever). When eating out at restaurants and cafès, I don't always eat vegan, but I'd love some tips on what desserts one could choose when eating vegan at a restaurant!

One thing beats sugar all the way, though. And it's the ultimate breakfast. 




  1. non puoi farmi vedere queste cose il primo giorno di ciclo!!! ahahahaha

    io sono più per il salato e le cose croccanti! tipo torta alle noci!

  2. Labibu: wow la torta alle noci sembra buona! Non l'ho mai provata!

  3. Sweets!!! Come ti capisco, anch'io sono letteralmente addicted a tutto ciò che è dolce e trovo sempre spazio per qualsiasi tipo di dessert :) Per non parlare della cioccolata ...

  4. Beautiful! :)


  5. Everything looks so tasty! I'm definitely NOT the girl that turns down cake at parties, I am one of those annoying ones that doesn't gain weight though.. luckily!

  6. I totally agree, sugar cravings are a real addiction! I'm trying to take control over my sugar addiction :D

  7. Mammamia....a quest'ora poi...

  8. Anche io non ho mai bevuto caffè o fumato una sigaretta, assolutamente non mi drogo e sono quasi astemia...ma compenso con i dolci. SWeet is my addiction, and green thea too :D!!!
    Fortunatamente sono pure io di quelle che non prendono peso :D!!!
    Bellissime foto!

  9. mmmmmmm everything looks so delicious =) I'm vegetarian and loving your blog. thanks for sharing the links too


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