London Calling: let the Countdown Begin

I love, love, LOVE London. I'm so in love with this city that every time I'm there (last time I visited was in August...I didn't blog about it because it was for a top-secret project that didn't work out in the end) I feel elated even if it's raining, or every darn Starbucks is full, or I don't understand somebody's accent (it happens!).

My first-ever international experience was London (well, if you don't count moving from Russia to Sweden when I was six years old). It was also my first time getting on a plane ever. I was all of eleven and my mom had this amazing habit of bringing me along on all of her travels (mom, a HUGE thank you, since I can't afford to travel now, I'm very grateful for having seen bits and pieces of the world as a kid). We even stayed with an English family in a beautiful house in a lovely place with a lovely name: Harrow-on-the-Hill. I remember walking around the city wide-eyed, taking in the beauty of it all.

The second time I went was just four years ago, with one of my two best friends. We stayed in a cute hotel in Bayswater (one of my favorite London areas) and walked everywhere. I shopped 'til I dropped and wanted to chain myself to a red phone booth when it was time to go home.

The third time, well, it was that time in August. I went by myself, staying with a friend from high school, hoping for something that never went according to plan. But it was definitely worth the trip. I remember it raining when I got off the plane, only to flip into summer mode by the time I got to Piccadilly to have lunch with my friend. I remember a man playing the keyboard and singing Mad World at the Leicester Square tube station with a voice that sounded like there was no tomorrow. I remember the wonderful little book and music shops in Camden. I remember having a muffin and a caffe latte at Costa Coffee and wondering when I would come back.

Now I know. I'm going back on April 24th.

Booking and planning a trip is a drug to me. I love clicking on Ryanair's "buy now" button and wait for the details of my flight to appear on the screen. I love picking a hotel on Booking.com.
I love counting down to a trip, making lists of things I'll pack, reading guides. And now I get to plan for one of the cities I love the most - with the person I love the most. This is my first trip to London with David (it's his second) and I know it'll be fantastic. Even if our hotel's a two-star in the woods. Even if we're almost broke. Even if we've got wild and crazy plans and dreams and we have no clue if they'll work out like we hope. It's us, so it'll all be awesome.

all pictures from Pinterest


  1. I'm in love with London as well. Would really like to go back as soon as I can possibly can :)

    Enjoy your trip!


  2. Ah London.. I lived there many many years.. and still miss it dearly! Hopefully, I am going back quite often (starting from last week). I am sure you have all the addresses you need (and London is so great that you can just follow anything and have a ball), but in case of precise question, dont hesitate to let me know!


  3. Absolutelyfaaabulous: wow you're so lucky. I just love London. I'm sure I do have questions - I'll let you know!

  4. Your photos are beautiful and I love that you included The Clash! They really are the epitome of London. I like this post, it makes me remember the days of living in the UK :)

  5. Hello!: ah I wish those were my photos! They're all from Pinterest. But I'll take some nice pics when I go!

  6. I love this city...
    I want to go in Uk with my love, he never see our passion


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