I am Not a Photographer: Fragments of a Saturday

There are things that I know I'm good at, like writing, matching shoes to dresses and listening to friends rant about their jobs and boyfriends. Then there are some things that I'm hopeless at and I know I'll never get good no matter how hard I may try, like math, sewing, and any sport with a ball.

And then there are things that I'm not very good at, but that I'm willing to learn more about. Like cooking, playing the guitar and taking pictures.

Since my iPhone came into my life, I've discovered, among other things (like my love for culinary apps and an unhealthy obsession with The Outnet's styling app) a curious fact: I love taking pictures.

Capturing moments on film (and then play them up with Phonto or VintageCam before putting them on Instagram and watching the Likes drop in) really inspires me because of how it lets you create your own little memory of a particular moment. Even small things like a sunset can become epic in a truly special picture.

Here are some bits and pieces of my Saturday:


Beautiful lake in Milan's castle park, Parco Sempione, which is one of my favorite places in the city.


There was a little amusement park set up at the castle this weekend, which I loved. Most of the stuff was for kids, but still made for great photos!


They say ladybugs bring luck. In hindsight, that might be true.


  1. I love the book and magazine collections - perfect :)

  2. davvero bella la foto della ruota panoramica.

  3. Stupenda anche quella del parco...non sembra neanche di stare a Milano! ;-)


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