GlossyBox - Cruelty-Free Beauty from Idea Toscana & Neve Cosmetics

I love the entire concept of the GlossyBox: what's more luxurious than receiving a pink little package full of beauty goodies? I can't wait for it to hit my mailbox every month.

I'm also so happy to see that the Italian GlossyBox is experimenting with cruelty-free labels. This month, I was thrilled to find three animal-friendly products in my box.

The black kohl pen is from Neve Cosmetics, an Italian all-vegan, eco-friendly brand that has lots of mineral foundations, blushes, eye shadows and kohl pencils in pretty shades. I love this pencil because it provides that seductive 50s-movie-star appeal - that lasts an entire cocktail party.

Among the surprises of the February box there was also the brand Idea Toscana with shampoo, body lotion and soap from the Prima Spremitura line. All-eco, paraben-free, and no animal testing. Some people say the scent is a bit strong, but I love it. I've brought the body lotion to the gym twice this week and it feels super-luxe to use it after showering, my skin feels soft and reinvigorated. Or is it just the post-Pilates glow?

All in all, I have to disagree with those who complain about the GlossyBox. If they keep the cruelty-free products coming, they've got one happy customer right here.


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  3. I dunno whether I should give into glossy box, I am big on beauty products so it shud be right up my street but how many of the products do you use? Is it worth it? X

  4. Bella questa glossy in nero! Ma i prodotti sono meno del solito?

    { Scacco alle Regine }

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  6. It's good to see that Glossybox is still giving out nice products.

    I'm just stopping in to award you the Versatile blogger award! See it here: http://letterstodaria.co.uk/2012/03/12/versatile-blogger/

    Keep up the good work! x

  7. Scacco alle Regine: questa volta sono 5!

    Linda: thanks! I'll stop by!


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