Dress-Up Dilemma: 30s Party

I can't say I love dress-up parties.

If I had tons and tons of money to spend on wigs, fake-fur stoles, and other crap I only wear once, then of course I would love costume parties. But unfortunately, I can't afford to go dress-up shopping every time someone decides to throw a theme bash.

That's not to say I don't enjoy dressing up. Last night, one of David's friends had a 30s party. When I first got the invitation, I thought I'd go for a Marlene Dietrich menswear look: white shirt, pinstriped vest, dress jacket and pants. And a hat. Only problem: I don't own any menswear-style pants, and ruining the whole look with my faux-leather leggings wasn't an option. So, out the window goes the menswear idea.

I was left with my super-structured old Zara dress, fake pearls and a pair of satin gloves from a costume store. And I must say, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out:

Photos taken in our kitchen (with my curls still intact) with me gazing wistfully at the recycling bag (which I've conveniently cropped out here). Very classy. Very Marlene.

Update: I also thought I had to show you how awesome David and his friends looked:


  1. Eccomi qua, ti seguo anch'io!Mi piacerebbe che sempre più bloggers mi aiutassero a diffondere il messaggio di non sfruttare gli animali..uniamoci!
    A presto

  2. Well.. that's a damn good result! Hope you had fun at the party. Themed parties are my favourites.. unfortunately I noticed Milan people dont seem to do many! ;((


  3. Wow I have three different languages in my blog comments! Bet that doesn't happen every day.

  4. Stavi benissimo! Fine ed elegante..

  5. Che bello il tema degli anni '30! Il risultato è ottimo direi! Mi viene in mente Keira Knightley in "Espiazione" con quegli abiti di seta leggeri ed impalpabili...

  6. So pretty! Love the look and your hair looks amazzzzzing!

    PS. We've a Giveaway to Number A on our blog! Check it out! :)

    ox from NYC!


  7. MA QUEI GUANTI SONO MMMMMMERAVIGLIOSI! Mi ricordi un sacco Jessica Rabbit :D


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