Cooking in Heels: Vegan American Dinner

I am so not a good cook.

Before meeting my fiancé, who kicks ass at cooking Italian food, I made pasta the straniero ("foreigner") way, adding the sauce from the jar directly into the plate (in case you didn't know, that is not the right way to do it). Fortunately, six years in Italy have taught me the basics of cooking, most of it taught to me by David. I can now make awesome pasta and I'm a wiz at veggies. My six months living in LA haven't gone to waste either, as I make a mean French Toast now.

But try transforming an American classic into a tasty vegan dish and it's a whole different ball game. I'm not entirely vegan, but I love veganizing my food whenever I can. Lately, David has shown interest in my new diet and the other week he actually asked me to cook him "something of yours". Okay, I said, what do you want to eat? Burgers, he replied without as much as the shadow of a doubt. So, burgers it was. Veggie burgers of course.

At the supermarket, I was faced with a typical Friday night problem: there weren't any hamburger buns left. So I grabbed the hot dog ones, hoping my man would be too hungry to notice. A jar of pickles and a whole lot of sunflower oil later, my masterpiece was complete:

Needless to say, my fiancé appreciated. Matter of fact, he liked it so much that yesterday he asked for the same dinner. It's becoming a Friday classic. See, vegan food doesn't have to be all lentils and tofu (although those are delicious too).


  1. Va duktig du är!! Så roligt att experimentera med maten. :)

  2. Sofie: taaack! I do my best!

  3. hmmm che fame! :D Anche da noi ci sono i surrogati della carne. non ne mangio spesso ma a volte ci stanno proprio un sacco!

    Poi con le patatine... non ci avevo mai pensato. Settimana prossima rimedio!

  4. wow i've never seen vegan food like this before!! I will have to give it a shot - thanks for sharing!



  5. Sluurp, che piatto delizioso, da leccarsi i baffi! ;-)

    Gli hot veg sono favolosi!
    Ogni tanto li prendo.
    Tempo fa in un supermercato ho trovato persino il salame vegano piccante... da leccarsi i baffi!


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