Brand I Love: L'Erbolario

Today I went into an eco shop at Porta Genova, close to where I live in Milan, just to check out cruelty-free nail polishes. There weren't any (where the heck can you find these?), but I stumbled across one of my absolute favorites when it comes to cruelty-free beauty care: L'Erbolario. This is an Italian brand that specializes in natural, eco-friendly body, hair and face products that carry the Leaping Bunny stamp. This means, of course, that the products are cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

I bought an organic soap with shea butter and lily of the valley, which is so yummy. I love finding new soaps and I think I'm developing a soft spot for this one.

I also got a lip balm that smells of apple and mandarin, which is a weird combination, but it smells delicious and, as far as I can tell, really softens the lips.

These little things, buying lip balms and walking into eco shops, brighten up my day by more than a few notches. I love opening new beauty products, smelling them and trying them on. I adore getting obsessed with new scents and textures and making sweet-smelling, creamy and pretty new discoveries. This brand is one of my favorites because I get the feeling of serenity, nature and zen, like an oasis in the city when I browse through the shelves of the eco stores. If you just got into eco and cruelty-free beauty and are on the lookout for new and exciting brands to try, look no further than L'Erbolario.


  1. You might love as well the Italian eco-friendly brand "Fitocose"

    They're from Cusago (Milano) but also have an online shop.
    Hope it helps!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! If I can find this brand around here I'll definitely give it a try!


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