The All-Star Lifestyle: Me and My Converse

I used to be a high heels girl. The higher, the better, the more difficult to walk in, the less comfortable, the more head-turning the better. I loved my super-heels and I walked miles in them.

When I deigned to step down it was usually a sign of spring. I slipped my tired feet into a pair of ballet flats, a key part of my summer uniform, and let them rest until the first winds of early September. Then it was back to heels again.

 But then something happened. Italy happened.

If I was still living in Sweden, I'd probably be walking around in boots now. If I was still living in LA, I'd never leave my ballet flats behind.

In Milan, though, there's something called the "mid-season", that brief yet glorious slice of time between March and May, between spring and summer, between freezing and scorching. That time of year when knee-high boots turn your feet into puddles of sweat and any open shoe makes you freeze your toes off. The season that was made for Converse.

I can't pinpoint exactly what it was that fuelled my re-born love for Converse. Could it be the fact that Kurt Cobain wore them? Or that models in streetstyle blogs pull off that casual-cool, dressed-down look to perfection in a pair of All Stars? Or maybe it was just that so many Converse styles are 100% vegan?

I first stopped by a shop on my street, asking the sales assistant how much the pair with the "glittery thingies" was. She politely informed me that "the pair with the Swarovski crystals cost 190 euro"

200 euro for a pair of Converse. Right. I trotted along, boyfriend in tow, to the other shop, a bit further away, filled with sneakers in all shapes, sizes and shades. And there they were, in all their glory: the Starry Blue High-Tops. The vegan pair that was waiting for me to take them home. So I did. I took them home, wore them with a dress the same afternoon, and fell in love. They're now a must-have ingredient in my spring look. They're rebellious, casual, pretty and quite girly with the stars. And  they're awesome for when you've just got to kick your heels off.

I REALLY want these:

...and this is my pair:

pictures from Pinterest, except for this last one, which is from my Instagram


  1. Oh, I am exactly like you when it comes to shoes, high-heels all the time, the higher the better...however recently I've developed a sort of interest in flat shoes and Converse, as well, so I'm seriously taken into consideration buying (for the first time!) them. Torn between black and white, what'd you suggest? :)

  2. adoro queste scarpe..le gialle sono le mie preferite..
    passa da me se ti va

  3. Juliet: white are definitely more chic but if I were you I'd go for black. They go with everything and will look pretty forever!

  4. Assolutamente questa è la stagione delle converse!! Dopo il primo paio non ne sono più riuscita a farne a meno!! Adesso sto meditando di prenderne un paio nere! :)

  5. I'm totally like you. If I wasn't in heels...I was sleeping. When I moved to a new apartment(that happened to be much farther from the subway) I somehow transformed into a booty wearing, oxford sporting girl. I also purchased a pair of converse, which was pretty much my favorite buy.


  6. Mi sono sempre piaciute le Converse ma ho comprato il mio primo paio solo l'anno scorso (e non le lascio più). Anche io miro al modello borchiato...


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