Why I Love Lana Del Rey

When I discover new (or old) music that I love, I tend to obsess. I listen to the same songs over and over again until I get sick of them. New music that makes me feel this way is quite rare, so when I discovered Lana Del Rey's mellow, beautiful Video Games, I was swept away.

I think this girl has one of the most amazing voices of this decade. Her music creates an atmosphere that's so far away from the artificial teenybopper singers of today. I think her voice is truly one of a kind and I adore this video because it makes me miss California so much that it hurts.

I don't understand why this girl's been getting so much negativity in the press. Her voice is amazing, her music is unique and beautiful and she's topping all the charts. Still, people feel the need to comment on her lips, her face, her wealthy parents, her real name (FYI it's Lizzie Grant) and on how much she "sucked" on SNL.

I thought she was awesome on SNL. As always.

This is something that really, really annoys me in women. Why can't we just focus on another woman's talents instead of ALWAYS bringing appearances into it? Lana isn't a model, she's a singer, so who cares what she looks like and and if she's had plastic surgery? If her lips are fake, why is this important? No one ever talks about whether male actors and singers get Botox and facelifts (they do, just as much as the women!), but for some reason, with female celebrities, appearance comes first and whatever they actually do comes second, if not third. It's no wonder that girls feel they have to be skinny, plastic and blonde to be successful: not because celebrities are, but because it has to matter. If a curvy girl gets famous because of her talent (like Adele), then she has to be the curvy singer, instead of just a good singer. It really makes me angry.

Concluding: I think Lana is amazing. I think her Vogue UK editorial was beautiful and her music is fantastic. Controversial or not.

Bee-stung? So what.

I am fascinated.

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  1. concordo con te su tutta la linea!

  2. Continueremo ad avere la necessità di giudicare e denigrare le altre donne solo per sentirci più forti, credendo che questa sia la strada giusta. Sembra quasi che ammettere la bravura, il talento, la bellezza di un'altra donna sia come dichiarare la propria inferiorità. E per questo andiamo alla ricerca di difetti e di giustificazioni.
    Quanto riusciamo a farci del male, a volte!

  3. I have to say my dear, I had only seen Lana on SNL n thought she looked really bad but in the picture here she is beautiful and ur right her music is good and loved by many many!! Ur right, time to focus on women's talent instead of obsessing on their looks! The worst critics are women and time has come for us to start supporting each other instead of seeing our fellow woman as competition.

  4. I am really starting to like her. Her voice is amazing and very different and her photos (the ones I have seen) are stunning.

    I hope she goes far and can't wait to hear and see what she does in the future.


  5. She is gorgeous and has a beautiful voice.
    She will go far!

    The Urban Umbrella


  6. I love Lana del Rey too! she's magnetic and her voice is awesome.
    I totally agree with you, people should take into account the voice of the singers above all else. Also, Lana Del Rey is incredibly beautiful:)

  7. she's awesome! just because she's not rihanna or lady gaga doesn't mean she's a bad singer she's got a different beat. I love her!! she's got her own style!! I love it!!

  8. The Marilyn Monroe of our generation ! She's the best !


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