Things I Love Books: Summer and the City by Candace Bushnell

Even though I'm a Sex and the City fanatic (what girl isn't?), I've never been crazy about Candace Bushnell's writing. I've always preferred other chick-lit writers (needless to say it's my favorite genre) and found Bushnell's New York sophisticated and chic, but also cold and aloof. Not very Carrie.

When reading The Carrie Diaries, the prequel novel, I have to say, I didn't feel I was reading about Carrie. It was a good book, sure, the writing was high-quality and I found it hard to put down. But it felt like any other teenage girl novel. "Carrie Bradshaw" could have been called Jane Smith or Mary White or anything else. I felt like Carrie's voice was lost.

But with Summer and the City, the follow-up (to the prequel...are you following me?) it was like reading a different book. This refreshing, inspiring novel follows Carrie during her first summer in New York while taking a writing class at the New School and living with a certain Samantha Jones. She runs into some very eccentric characters (one of which becomes her love interest) and wears some really interesting clothes (I had no idea scrubs were all the rage in the 80s!) while finding her voice as a writer and a budding NY icon.

What I loved about the book was its spot-on way of describing that intoxicating feeling of falling in love with a city, of walking along new streets, seeing new things and new faces, and feeling like this, this is the place where you belong, and you'd do anything to stay there (I've felt that way a few times).
It also felt like Carrie, the Carrie we all know and love, was herself here. That quirky way of over-thinking everything, the out-there outfits, the natural-born curiosity and the head-over-heels passion for New York. It's all there. It's her.

Coffee and Heels gives this book top marks and warmly recommends it to anyone who has a long flight (to the Big Apple, perhaps), a train ride or a vacation (lucky you) ahead of them, or anyone who just wants to escape from reality and find some familiar faces.

...and the ending. The ending is spectacular.


  1. ho letto sex and the city e mi sono persa un po', non mi aspettavo fosse solo un'ispirazione per la serie! invece il diario di carry era carinissimo... e il finale quando telefona a samantha da ricordare! appena mi arriva in biblioteca questo lo prenoto, non me la sento di comprarlo perchè mi sa che una volta letto non lo guarderei neanche più!

  2. ännu en bok att lägga i "jag ska läsa dig någon dag-högen"! Superfint omslag också! :D

  3. Ma dai! Non sapevo nulla di questo libro...Ovviamente sono fan di Sex & the City, ma solo per quanto riguarda la serie tv, l'ho conosciuto così e mi è piaciuto talmente tanto che leggere il romanzo dopo non mi è mai sembrata una buona idea, non so, mi sembrava superfluo...invece ho sempre sognato un 'prequel' appunto, dove si vedesse come le quattro amiche si sono conosciute e come sono capitate a New York...ed ecccolo qua! Tra l'altro so che nel terzo film (ancora in lavorazione) si parte proprio dai primi tempi nella City con tanto di attrici più giovani che interpretano le quattro...

  4. Cool post! Thks!


  5. I LOVE this book! Are you excited about the TV series?


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