Snapshots: Fragments of Milan


you know I'm not a photography wiz. I'm not an expert on "catching the light" and I recently almost ruined my camera by aiming it directly at the sun (how was I supposed to know you can't do that?)

Nevertheless, since getting my precious iPhone and discovering the wonders of Instagram, I have realized that I love taking pictures! I love capturing little details of my life, things that other people may find insignificant, and making them immortal in a photo. And I am addicted to the Instagram filters!

So, to show off my recent passion for photography, here's my week in pics:

My studded oversize vegan bag by Swedish brand KappAhl and the new Marie Claire UK (one of my favorite glossies)

Sunset view from my office terrace

One of my favorite cocktails - the Cosmo, of course!

"Sognare" means "to dream" and it was spelled out on the bottles of the Osteria del Sognatore, a wonderful restaurant where me and my lovely colleagues go to lunch a lot

My Chanel pins - the one with the lipstick comes from Vogue Fashion's Night Out 2010 and the other one was a little present from my amazing boss, who left her job this week (she is truly missed).

A typical Italian breakfast - cappuccino and croissant

I'm quite bad at playing pool. But I think it's really fun!

Veggie pizza with rucola, mushrooms and tomatoes!

This is where I live - in Milan's gorgeous Navigli area.

This is by far the best magazine marketing trick I've ever seen - for their 25th anniversary, ELLE Italia had this beautiful little box with the magazine divided into four parts. And you also got a free Dior mascara!

All pictures come from my Instagram

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Grazie per il commento!
    Ti va di seguirci? Io lo faccio da ora, se ti va ricambia.

  2. Giusy CHEAP and GLAMOUR: il tuo blog mi piace e abbiamo in comune la preferenza per la pelliccia ecologica, quindi ti seguo volentieri!


    X ELLE

  4. Grandeeeeeeeeeeeeee ma...ma...ma allora! :D Se volessimo un giorno potremmo incontrarci! Non abito proprio a Milano ma con il treno potrei arrivarci in poco tempo :)

    Così magari puoi darmi qualche consiglio su come tenere "in" la mia rossa coda tutta arruffata...

  5. Volpina: certo!! e tu mi dai qualche consiglio sul diventare vegan con budget superridotto...se ciò è possibile!

  6. hahaahaha non è difficile diventare vegan spendendo poco, anzi, è proprio diventando vegan che si spende di meno! Ho notato che molti dicono che la frutta e la verdura sia più cara della carne, ma non è assolutamente vero... ovvio che se compri le banane chiquita e le mele marlene ti parte il patrimonio... e bisogna anche comprare la frutta di stagione, invece che pretendere le fragole per capodanno... :D


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