Fashion Week: Long Live the Eccentric

How are you? Hope you're having a good week so far.
I got the idea for this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Myriam at Mode-Moi-Selle, who talked about eccentric personalities at Fashion Week.

Since street style photographers took over the crowded sidewalks outside Fashion Week entrances, let's be honest: we're more curious about what's worn off the catwalk than on. The ever-present Nikons and Canons of Tommy Ton, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, Yvan Rodic and Garance Dorè, to name a few, have captured some truly unque personalities over the past seasons.

And that's the key word to this post: "unique". And "personality", while we're at it.

Here in Italy, fashion has always been universally synonymous with Good Taste (that is, unless you watch Italian TV. But then again, TV is not fashion). Being "dressed well" is all about the materials: silk, silk, silk. Cashmere, cashmere, cashmere. Leather, leather, leather (no, I'm not just naming all the things I don't wear. But incidentally, animal materials unfortunately happen to be huge here). Everything 100% geniuine and classically cut, the Armani way. Match it with some "tasteful" colors, like black, brown or gray, and you're Well Dressed. VoilĂ .

While I definitely agree with the great and only Leonardo Da Vinci that "simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication", Fashion Week is different from...well, real life. At Fashion Week,  there's nothing I love more than seeing larger-than-life personalities that have thrown both simplicity and sophistication out the window before leaving the house. I adore worst dressed lists (they're so much more fun than best dressed!) and have a soft spot for those who dare to go freaking bananas with their look. The Anna Piaggis and Lady Gagas of this world, those who stomp around in Alexander McQueen Armadillos and layer the most unthinkable materials on top of one another...finishing off the masterpiece with a hat that even Kate Middleton's cousins would find weird.

What would a fashion show even be without wondering what on Earth Anna Dello Russo is going to wear and if she's bringing her dog to front row this time too? The Vogue Japan editor's sparkly, out-there ensembles are the whole essence of Fashion Week: tasteful is boring. More is more. Just one thing: Anna, DITCH THE FUR!

And can you think of a blogger who's more creative and original than Tavi? At 28, I only wish I wrote like she writes at 15. She has this amazing way of talking about fashion that can only come from being madly in love with heels, skirt lengths and that magic rush of opening a show invitation, a passion that's way beyond the other eighty million fashion bloggers' infatuation with Louboutin and Gucci. This, of course, shines through in her personal style, with looks that always reference a time period, a music genre, a movie, or that communicate something except for "this outfit was given to me for free by a fashion company".

I love eccentricity. I think "bad taste" is eccentric, creative, and so full of personality it's about to burst. For me,  the real meaning of dressing "badly" is not caring. Not caring about what suits you, not caring about what makes you feel good, not believing in the magic of clothes. If you dress like you care, if you dress for yourself and know that you look darn awesome, then you know what? You're already stylish. As opposed to those who insecurely pull on a white shirt and a black pair of pants just because that's what someone told them to do.

I hope that more Tavis and Annas will come to inhabit the world of fashion. I hope there will be no more "It" bags or shoes, because people stop stubbornly dressing the same and start believing in diversity. And I hope that Fashion Week always, always will be eccentric and daring. Because while we all love the classics, let's not forget fashion's meant to be fun.


  1. Veramente bizzarre queste immagini! Sembra di essere al Royal Ascot! ;-)

  2. Great great post hon!



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