Things I Love TV: Hart of Dixie (and how to get Rachel Bilson's look!)

I discovered Hart of Dixie when a coworker told me she liked it and when she mentioned that Rachel Bilson starred in it, I knew I had to check it out. I've always preferred Summer to Marissa, plus the whole "New Yorker hits the countryside and has to wrestle with her Jimmy Choo heels getting stuck in the mud" thing really appealed to me (I guess I could relate).

Meet Zoe Hart, a New York City doctor (she looks about twenty years old, but sure, doctor) who finds out that she's inherited a doctor's practice in a quaint little place called Bluebell (I think it's in Alabama). Only problem is, well, she doesn't quite fit in there (think Carrie Bradshaw stuck at Aiden's country house...for EVER). The square-peg-round-hole situation quickly escalates into a funny and entertaining 40 minutes of TV.

...oh yeah, and I really love the flirtation between Zoe and country-boy hottie Wade:

...this so reminds me of when me and my boyfriend are fighting: a petite brunette telling off a blond dude who's playing the guitar, and he shuts her up by kissing her. So us. 

I also like this show because I'm getting addicted to the sheer joy of seeing casual-chic style done to perfection by Rachel Bilson's Zoe character. I've always liked the style tip "find a celebrity with a figure/colors similar to yours". Up until a short while ago, I've seen myself as a Zooey Deschanel (the light skin color and the dark hair) but recently I've concluded that I like my 50s-style floral dresses with tough biker boots and a faux-leather jacket. Which, combined with my not-quite-long legs, my dark hair and my light skintone, makes me more of a Rachel Bilson (of course I'm not as delusional as to think I'm half as gorgeous as her).


  1. Bellissima! Anche a me piace tanto! La rivincita delle under 1.60! ;-)

  2. Seguo Rachel Bilson da quando interpretava Summer in OC (ed anch'io la preferivo a Marissa!).
    Mi piace il modo in cui hai remixato il suo look, anche perchè sono follemente innamorata della borsetta di asos che mi ricorda tanto quelle di Marc Jacobs!
    P.S.C'è un premio per te sul mio blog!!


  3. Ja visst är den bra den låten =) Va roligt att du gillade texten =)¨kram!

    gillar verkligen din blogg!

  4. åh jag älskar den här serien!!! och älskar typ alla rachel bilsons outfits i den? tack för inspirationen :)


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