Things I love: Instagram

I know I'm light years behind on this, but I just got my iPhone a couple of weeks ago (and I'm in love with it, by the way). One of the reasons why I went for Apple over other smartphones is Instagram, an app-slash-social-network that allows users to edit, upload and share photos.

Instagram offers some fabulous effects and filters, which means that even a photography novice like myself can learn to take some okay shots. Here are some of my recents:

My and David's cat, Joey, who now lives with my mom and sister in Stockholm, where he can be outside every day and enjoy a fully privileged cat life! Here, he's enjoying some well-deserved sleep.

A pretty sunset in central Milan.

Black tights, red nails and The Ring!

A cup of cappuccino in Stockholm!

My New Year's Eve nails!

...and my latest one: my two fave reds (the Chanel polish was a birthday gift and the red lippy is my new Body Shop fave - more on that later!)

If you've got an iPhone and you'd like to follow me on Instagram, I'm at @coffeeandheels.

Some of my favorite Instagrams:

@thebeautydept: gorgeous beauty shots!

@emilyschuman the blogger behind the fabulous Cupcakes and Cashmere

@furfreela dedicated to keep the city of Los Angeles completely fur-free! 

@thisisnotphotography this is actually the marketing manager at my office! His pictures are really original.

@mejeritcher my fabulous sister, Sofie, who takes great pictures.


  1. Adoro i filtri di Instagram...

  2. anche io ho quel rossetto rosso! Bellissimo! Non ho iphone e sto aspettando che mi arrivi il galaxy, ma spero che ci sia qualcosa di analogo ad instagram che mi piace molto


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