Things I Love: Amazing Veggie Food in Stockholm

I don't do much food blogging here at Coffee and Heels, but I'm a huge fan of dining out, and when I run into something extraordinary food-wise (vegetarian of course) I feel like sharing it.

My dad's Christmas present to me and my sister Sofie was a Smartbox. For those of you who don't know what a Smartbox is, it's an experience voucher to be used for an event or an adventure. Ours was a "foods of the world" voucher to a restaurant of our choice in Stockholm (out of about ten or fifteen) with our boyfriends! 
We chose Hemma Hos Kaj (for those of you living in Stockholm or coming to visit, the address is Hammarby Kaj 18...and the name means "at Kaj's house") because it sounded interesting, but we had no clue what we were going to eat, so when we showed up, we were really amazed by how gorgeous everything was. The restaurant was decorated lavishly and decadenly in dark reds, purples, and luscious browns, in a classic-meets-Oriental kind of style with a modern twist. Trust me, it was really something.

...and then came the food.

The waiters brought out two big wooden plates with meat and veggie dishes on one and a completely vegetarian (and almost entirely vegan) selection on the other one. Me and my sis stuck to the veggie plate (she's not normally a vegetarian, but she's doing a fast right now) and I have to say it was one of the best dinners I've ever had in my life! The vegetables were nicely matched with the spices, the hoummous and the aubergine cream were to die for, and the overall grade was a huge A plus, also because of the super-nice waiters. A beautiful night!

....proof that delicious, super-yummy and ultra-refined vegetarian dining is possible!


  1. so cute the dress for your csmas outfit :) i love lace! ;)

  2. Blondebenedicte: thanks! It's from a Swedish designer called Pimpinette that I interned for ages ago!


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