it's Finally Here: The Coffee and Heels Tumblr!

I must admit that I don't really "get" Tumblr: what, it's a blog, but you can't comment? What is it good for, then? And where are your stats? Moreover, please don't get me started on themes: there sure aren't many that include a description, so unless you're ELLE or Topshop, you just have to fit it all into your header. Or is it just me who's Tumblr clueless?

Nonetheless, Tumbling does awaken my curiosity: I am a natural-born inspiration collector. I love to pin things up everywhere, be it on a moodboard, in a moodbook (I have TONS of those!) or on Pinterest. Or, you know, just putting pictures from magazines up inside my closet. An inspiration diary where I'll  "reblog" all kinds of inspiring pictures, quotes, videos, and other charming little crap? So my thing.

So behold, in all its glory:

The Coffee and Heels Tumblr.

I'll try and keep it as updated as I can with all kinds of inspiration!

Stop by as often as you like and feel free to follow!

Also, if you have Tumblrs, leave me your links and I'll gladly follow you!

pic from Pinterest - on my Tumblr.

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  1. Se li vuoi, da qualche parte dovrebbe esserci un'opzione da spuntare per permettere i commenti ai post :)


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