Award Winner!

This week, Coffee and Heels has had the honor of winning not one but two awards!

First, the super-stylish Marta of Magazines for Breakfast gave me the Liebster Blog award:

...and I'm so thankful because I love Marta's blog, her style and the fact she's a cruelty-free fashionista!

First, Isotta ad Pieces of a Green Eyed Girl invited me to receive an award on her blog, which is a way that bloggers use to let their readers know of other blogs they know and love. 

I'm very thankful to Isotta and I'm also very happy to have discovered another vegetarian style-aholic like myself!

The challenge of this award is to tell your readers 7 things about yourself, so here goes... 

1. I am so terrified of insects it's not even funny.

At 28 years old, I'm embarrassed to admit that my usual reaction upon seeing a spider is running away and, at certain occasions, crying. It even ruins my vacations! And I don't believe that this is a phobia I can get over. I just have to live with the fact that there are places in the world that I'll never be able to visit.


2. I was a child actress.

I started taking acting classes when I was eight years old and my first-ever paycheck came from being an extra in a TV show at sixteen. I went on to act on TV and in short independent films, and even studied theatre acting in Los Angeles for six months, before giving up acting in favor of fashion.

 My idol was Natalie Portman in Léon - I wish I was that good!

3. I don't have a driver's licence.

That's right, I'm 28 and don't have a driver's licence. It's partly because of the costs of owning and maintaining a car, and partly because I believe that the environment suffers with that many cars around and there's no harm in one less driver out there.Will I ever get one? Hard to say.

 I'm much happier in the passenger seat!

4. I'm a vegetarian, don't smoke, never done drugs, only drink a couple of glasses a wine a week, one coffee a day and don't even shop a lot, but my only vice in life is SUGAR.

You can keep your fancy diets - I'm a sweet-aholic and I don't intend to get clean! Even if there are visions of giant dentist's bills dancing before my eyes every time I dig into yet another triple-chocolate cake at California Bakery, I happen to be certain that a life without sugar isn't worth living.

I'm sorry, but "skinny" has NOTHING on this!

5. I'm 100% heterosexual and engaged to a man, but I find Mila Kunis to be one of the most gorgeous human beings ever.

...I mean, come on. Who doesn't?

...eh, thanks for the blessing, Mila.

6. I am so ashamed to say that I've NEVER been to a music festival! 

It's the whole tent thing! I'm not a tent girl (see point 1!) and I've never considered that camping wasn't compulsory for festival visitors. This summer, this must be fixed. Really.

...and I'll dress exactly like Kate at Coachella!

7. My number-one guilty pleasure is trashy TV! 

I say it now and I say it loud: I'm a trash-TV addict and I'm proud!
I've seen pretty much every episode of America's Next Top Model and I'm obsessed with Jersey Shore. What I love about these shows is the possibility to completely switch off my brain and just relax and laugh. I think that a healthy dose of  "silly laughter" should be a vital ingredient to everyone's day. And for me personally, that happens to involve Snooki and The Situation.

Guido (and guidette) power!

...so, there you have it! Seven things about me.

And then there's that tiny detail that you have to nominate other bloggers to take the challenge.

My nominees are some of the coolest bloggers I know, awesome girls with a killer style and brains to match:

Have fun!

all pictures are from Pinterest.




  2. Oddio potremmo essere gemelle separate alla nascita!! I punti 4 e 7 ne sono la prova!!! :)
    Grazie per aver partecipato al giochino!!

  3. Thanks so much for awarding me! I so appreciate it, very kind of you to choose my blog!! =)
    I absolutely love your seven facts, really excellent! I find Mila Kunis absolutely stunning too, she is so gorgeous!!


    The Urban Umbrella



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