Taking a Tiny Break.

Dear sweet readers. In these last few days, I've really appreciated the very nice and uplifting comments you've left me. Since starting Coffee and Heels, I've learned so much - it's been a heck of a ride, and it's only been four and a half months. I've looked into veganism. I've started buying only cruelty-free beauty products. I've learned that there are alternatives to wool. And I've also learned that there are tons of amazing fashionistas with a conscience out there - I'm not alone in this adventure, there are many of us and we have a strong voice!
I've had an awesome November and was just getting started on an even more awesome December when some awful family matters struck (my grandmother passed away) and general life chaos took over my life. Just things that everyone goes through sooner or later, but nonetheless difficult to deal with. Things that bring up thoughts, questions. Things that make you tired of being scared and worried. Things that make you rethink some of your life choices. Things that may be just a little bit overwhelming.
So, as of today, Coffee and Heels, and myself, are going on a tiny little break.
Don't worry, I'm not abandoning you: I'm just running away to Venice with my man for a few days. A breath of fresh air and long winter walks in a beautiful city, and four computer-free days, is just what I need right now. I'll be back, as good as new, before you know it. Maybe even this weekend.
Have a nice week, my beautiful readers. And don't miss me too much!


  1. A presto allora.
    Un abbraccio :)

  2. Ha det så bra i Venedig! :) And I will miss you and your blog! :)

  3. mi spiace tanto per la tua perdita. Momenti caotici capitano a tutti e fai bene a prenderti un po di tempo per te stessa..
    Ti aspettiamo presto allora :)

  4. I just read your comment on last sarinski's post and I just want to say I appreciate a lot your choice to respect animals and to go on veganism.
    I'm vegetarian too and trying to become vegan.
    I like fashion, of course, and dresses, bags, shoes and whatever, but strictly cruelty-free.
    I'm italian, but I'm trying to write english to do practise.

  5. buon viaggio, allora!!! goditi venezia!


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