Just Love by Sofie Mejeritcher, featuring David Camilli!

So I'm home.

And just for the record: there IS snow on the ground! Not too much of it, but don't listen to those who say it's not a real winter. Looks real to me!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you! It's not really news to me, as I've seen these two incredibly talented people work on it for a while now. But now my sister Sofie's first-ever song has officially hit the web - with a musical arrangement and guitar solo by my very own fiancé. I'm so proud!

Just Love started out as just a simple-but-sweet piano and voice piece by Sofie (not to brag, but my sister's a really good singer and songwriter) and when David heard it, he became slightly obsessed with the idea of coming up with a guitar solo for it. Well, to say David's a perfectionist isn't nearly enough, so instead of just a solo, he created a whole arrangement with acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and Cubase effects (by the way, I'm not an expert, but Cubase sounds like a huge pain in the butt) and here is the final result:

...the photo you see in the YouTube version is a picture of Sofie drawn by David last year for her graduation party!

You can follow Sofie's Swedish blog here

You can listen to all of David's music here

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  1. Grymt av Sofie and molto bene David!!! Amazing work, song, music and voice! I see success in the eyes of this team :-) and you already know I think David's artistic skills are awesome so this image of Sofie is so cute!! Well done!!


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