Going Home for the Holidays

It just hit me today: wow, it's almost Christmas.

I took a glance at the half-packed suitcase in the corner and the twinkly lights in our windows and realized that it's that time of the year again: fluffy snow, icy air, cinnamon coffee and the scent of pine. It's Christmas and I'm going home for the holidays. Tomorrow, to be exact.

Those of you who've been following me for a while know that my family lives in Stockholm and that the main reason why I love the holiday season is that I get to spend it in Sweden. There's such a special atmosphere there this time of year. And spending time with my family really is priceless.

So, this is just to let you know that I'll be gone for a couple of days. I'm leaving at the break of dawn tomorrow and I'll be in the Land of Snow until January 5th. Of course, I'll blog from there, but just so you know, if you don't hear from me as often as usual, it's because I'm sipping hot chocolate, wrapping presents and decorating a tree in a big, soft and snuggly vegan cardigan! And I wish you all a fabulous week.


  1. Urban Umbrella: thanks! You too!

  2. Sweetie, just a heads up -- no snow left on the ground :-( Let us hope it we will have a white xmas though..safe flight and see you soon!!!

  3. Bellissima foto!
    Lo scorso anno sono stata a Berlino nel periodo natalizio, e penso che più ti sposti a nord, più senti la magia del Natale!!
    Sarebbe da fare: un viaggio in scandinavia (giusto perché son fissata con i paese scandinavi), in questo periodo! Ma temo sempre il prezzo dei voli e degli alberghi!
    Tanti abbracci!

  4. omg beautiful!!

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  5. ohhh ma c'è la neve! :( Uffa uffa qui non c'è!
    A dirla tutta io odio la neve. Ma sono terribilmente preoccupata per Madre Terra e per il surriscaldamento globale... e vorrei tanto, davvero, tanto che nevicasse...
    Bianca neve, pura e candida come il cuoricino dei miei angioletti...!

    Un abbraccio a Sasha!
    Questo blog mi ha fatto scoprire delle marche favolose :D

    Mi sa che il prossimo stipendio scappa tutto su ebay!

  6. i love Sweden! i like so much your blog :)

    if you want follow me


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