The Edit: Holiday Movies

First of all: happy holidays to all my wonderful readers! I wish you a marvellous Christmas, with lots of amazing veggie treats, soy hot chocolate, scented candles, a big, sparkling tree, and all the presents on your list! And of course, the people you love.

I'm writing this in my pyjamas, on my mom's living room couch, watching Snowglobe, a really cheesy but cozy Christmas movie. It's so girly and corny but still so bad it's good. And so I've got to thinking about holiday movies and why we love them. I think they create a certain atmosphere and become a part of the holiday season. And all of a sudden, it's not Christmas without them.

So here are my Fave Five (in random order!)

The Holiday

I love all the actors in this movie, I love its style and atmosphere. And I just think it's such a feel-good flick. Very girly, so get a group of girlfriends, make some gingerbread cupcakes and go for it.

The Preacher's Wife

                                                                      ... I mean, it's Whitney Houston.
I like that this movie is quite religious, but it's not too "preachy". It's simply a story about the good in people.

Nightmare Before Christmas

I LOVE anything Tim Burton, so this movie is just a treat. It's so original and beautifully made.

200 Cigarrettes

This is a New Year's Eve movie. It's funny, spirited, and easy to watch. And Kate Hudson's in it, so if you have a boyfriend he'll probably like it.

and this, I have to say, is my all-time favorite, and I can't imagine Christmas without it:

Love, Actually

This is the ULTIMATE holiday movie. My boyfriend loves it. My sister loves it. Most of my friends love it.
It's the most amazing, heartwarming piece of cinematic Christmas candy, and if you haven't seen it, go rent it RIGHT NOW. It will change your Christmas!

...so there you have it!

And one more piece of Coffee and Heels advice: no diets in December! Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy your Christmas!


  1. Happy Christmas to you from Poland dear Sascha!! :) And I have to agree with Love Actually: definetely my favourite Christmas movie, as well.

  2. Buon Natale!!!
    Un abbraccio!

  3. Buon natale anche a te cara!
    Ps la foto l'ho trovata su pinterest


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