All About The Ring!

...because half the point of getting engaged is the ring, right?

I already told you the story of how and where (if you missed it, just read the post below this one!) so I'm not going to bore you once again and I'll try not to be so sweet it's gross, but I'm just really happy. Really, really happy.

My ring isn't expensive at all (you'd be amazed) and it's really simple - just silver and a zirconia. That's very me: I'm not a fan of diamonds because of how horrible the industry is, and how many people die and suffer every year in the mines. So I've always wanted a zirconia ring. 

It's not tiny, but it's not old-lady huge either. It fits comfortably on my left ring finger (maybe too comfortably: it's a bit big, but since everyone's fingers swell in the summer, I'll just wait until warmer days and decide if I want to have it refitted) and the zirconia is really shiny. It twinkles!

It's round-cut: I know, I've always said I wanted a princess cut. But when I saw this ring, I just thought it was beautiful. I love its overall style and feel: casual and simple yet refined. It's everything I am: unpretentious, easy-going and romantic. Like the moment and the promise itself, it's precious because of what it represents.

Every time I look at it, I feel that cold wind in my face and the butterflies in my stomach. And I realize just how incredibly freaking lucky I am. This gorgeous, fearless, amazing man who could have his pick of any knockout girl out there actually chose ME. And now he says he wants to MARRY me. And I'm going to be an actual bride. In a wedding dress. If this isn't crazy, I don't know what is.


  1. Ma io mi commuovo... di nuovo congratulazioni, spero tanto di essere felice come lo sei tu adesso, un giorno.

  2. beautiful blog!!! ;)


  3. Den är så fin! Gillar att det är en zirconia, du är så duktig som står på dig och kämpar för en bättre värld! Gillar även att den är simpel och elegant, so you :)

  4. Sofie: ahahah hade jag velat ha en diamant hade jag väntat i sextio år tills vi hade råd!! Tur då att jag föredrar fejk när det gäller det mesta! Längtar tills du får se den "live"!

  5. Thanks Phuong!! I love it because it means so much to me. And everyone keeps saying it's so "me", which makes me so happy.

  6. I think that your boyfriend also is very lucky!! Happy for you:)

  7. Wooow bellissimo!!! Molto carino il tuo blog!!! Passa da me se ti va c'e' un GIVEAWAY GUCCI!!!! xoxo


  8. this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!


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