...and a Happy New Year!

I LOVE New Year's Eve!

It's one of my favorite nights of the year: a time to party, get glammed up, be with loved ones and vow to be a better person, all rolled up into one glittering, sparkling disco-ball of a night.


Things I Love: My New iPhone!

 I've dreamed of an iPhone for so long!

And now, I finally have one.

It's been two days and I'm in love with my 4S! I love the apps, the games, the sheer genius of it all. 

Steve Jobs and the Apple team sure did create an incredible product and I'm a very proud iPhone owner, even if I have yet to figure lots of stuff out!

And most of all, I adore Instagram! If you want to follow me, I'm Coffeeandheels there as well!


Coffee and Heels Closet: the Star Dress

I hope you've all had a fabulous Christmas!

Today I wanted to share a new find with you.

I loved Dolce & Gabbana's star print for FW11, so I've been on the lookout for starry finds since the fall collections hit the stores and back in Venice I finally found the perfect stellar dress:

It's the perfect dress style ( I love t-shirt or tank dresses with floaty skirts that hit just above the knee) and goes with absolutely everything, both winter and summer! And the best part? It was only 24,90 euro at H&M!

I mostly team it with tights and boots these days, as shown, but stay tuned for other styling suggestions, as this dress is quickly becoming a closet staple. It's time to see stars!


The Edit: Holiday Movies

First of all: happy holidays to all my wonderful readers! I wish you a marvellous Christmas, with lots of amazing veggie treats, soy hot chocolate, scented candles, a big, sparkling tree, and all the presents on your list! And of course, the people you love.

I'm writing this in my pyjamas, on my mom's living room couch, watching Snowglobe, a really cheesy but cozy Christmas movie. It's so girly and corny but still so bad it's good. And so I've got to thinking about holiday movies and why we love them. I think they create a certain atmosphere and become a part of the holiday season. And all of a sudden, it's not Christmas without them.

So here are my Fave Five (in random order!)

The Holiday

I love all the actors in this movie, I love its style and atmosphere. And I just think it's such a feel-good flick. Very girly, so get a group of girlfriends, make some gingerbread cupcakes and go for it.

The Preacher's Wife

                                                                      ... I mean, it's Whitney Houston.
I like that this movie is quite religious, but it's not too "preachy". It's simply a story about the good in people.

Nightmare Before Christmas

I LOVE anything Tim Burton, so this movie is just a treat. It's so original and beautifully made.

200 Cigarrettes

This is a New Year's Eve movie. It's funny, spirited, and easy to watch. And Kate Hudson's in it, so if you have a boyfriend he'll probably like it.

and this, I have to say, is my all-time favorite, and I can't imagine Christmas without it:

Love, Actually

This is the ULTIMATE holiday movie. My boyfriend loves it. My sister loves it. Most of my friends love it.
It's the most amazing, heartwarming piece of cinematic Christmas candy, and if you haven't seen it, go rent it RIGHT NOW. It will change your Christmas!

...so there you have it!

And one more piece of Coffee and Heels advice: no diets in December! Eat, drink, be merry and enjoy your Christmas!


Just Love by Sofie Mejeritcher, featuring David Camilli!

So I'm home.

And just for the record: there IS snow on the ground! Not too much of it, but don't listen to those who say it's not a real winter. Looks real to me!

I wanted to share some exciting news with you! It's not really news to me, as I've seen these two incredibly talented people work on it for a while now. But now my sister Sofie's first-ever song has officially hit the web - with a musical arrangement and guitar solo by my very own fiancé. I'm so proud!

Just Love started out as just a simple-but-sweet piano and voice piece by Sofie (not to brag, but my sister's a really good singer and songwriter) and when David heard it, he became slightly obsessed with the idea of coming up with a guitar solo for it. Well, to say David's a perfectionist isn't nearly enough, so instead of just a solo, he created a whole arrangement with acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and Cubase effects (by the way, I'm not an expert, but Cubase sounds like a huge pain in the butt) and here is the final result:

...the photo you see in the YouTube version is a picture of Sofie drawn by David last year for her graduation party!

You can follow Sofie's Swedish blog here

You can listen to all of David's music here


Going Home for the Holidays

It just hit me today: wow, it's almost Christmas.

I took a glance at the half-packed suitcase in the corner and the twinkly lights in our windows and realized that it's that time of the year again: fluffy snow, icy air, cinnamon coffee and the scent of pine. It's Christmas and I'm going home for the holidays. Tomorrow, to be exact.

Those of you who've been following me for a while know that my family lives in Stockholm and that the main reason why I love the holiday season is that I get to spend it in Sweden. There's such a special atmosphere there this time of year. And spending time with my family really is priceless.

So, this is just to let you know that I'll be gone for a couple of days. I'm leaving at the break of dawn tomorrow and I'll be in the Land of Snow until January 5th. Of course, I'll blog from there, but just so you know, if you don't hear from me as often as usual, it's because I'm sipping hot chocolate, wrapping presents and decorating a tree in a big, soft and snuggly vegan cardigan! And I wish you all a fabulous week.


Green Glamour Challenge: Lush Orange Blossom Perfume

Since I was old enough to steal my mom's Guerlain, I've always been a perfume-aholic. I love trying different scents, discovering new favorites and that magical feeling of spritzing on an amazing-smelling fragrance. As Coco Chanel said, a girl who doesn't wear perfume has no future!
As part of my new kick-ass cruelty-free lifestyle, I've been trying to switch to non-animal-tested fragrances, which isn't as hard as you might think. Body Shop has some really yummy ones, and if you're into something a bit more haute, there's always my hero, Stella McCartney, whose Sheer is on top of my Christmas list (more on my Christmas list in an upcoming post...).

I've blogged about Lush so many times you must be getting sick of it (or I'm just filling the world with more Lush addicts like myself), but I have to tell you about their new Gorilla Perfume range (I have no idea why they're called that!), made up of all-organic, all-natural, 100% cruelty-free and mostly vegan perfumes!

I walked into the shop in Venice (mostly because I saw a sign that said, "follow your nose...Lush is very close!" funny, and so on-point, being that the (intoxicating) Lush signature scent always leads me straight to the shop. When it comes to Lush, I've got the nose of one of those police dogs!) just to have a look around...and walked out with a carrier bag, as usual.

I spent half an hour smelling all the perfumes, driving the (very helpful and friendly) sales girls and my boyfriend (fiancè!) crazy. I finally settled on the Love...just to come back ten minutes later, when I'd realized it was way too spicy to really be "me", and exchange it for the Orange Blossom.

Described on the Lush website as "honeyed floral with sparkling citrus notes", Orange Blossom is everything I want in a fragrance: fresh, zesty, and feminine. And the scent of orange blossoms is typical of the Mediterranean and the south of Italy, which I really adore. I bought a small tester, but I think I'll soon go for the entire bottle! It really is a little bit of heaven.


All About The Ring!

...because half the point of getting engaged is the ring, right?

I already told you the story of how and where (if you missed it, just read the post below this one!) so I'm not going to bore you once again and I'll try not to be so sweet it's gross, but I'm just really happy. Really, really happy.

My ring isn't expensive at all (you'd be amazed) and it's really simple - just silver and a zirconia. That's very me: I'm not a fan of diamonds because of how horrible the industry is, and how many people die and suffer every year in the mines. So I've always wanted a zirconia ring. 

It's not tiny, but it's not old-lady huge either. It fits comfortably on my left ring finger (maybe too comfortably: it's a bit big, but since everyone's fingers swell in the summer, I'll just wait until warmer days and decide if I want to have it refitted) and the zirconia is really shiny. It twinkles!

It's round-cut: I know, I've always said I wanted a princess cut. But when I saw this ring, I just thought it was beautiful. I love its overall style and feel: casual and simple yet refined. It's everything I am: unpretentious, easy-going and romantic. Like the moment and the promise itself, it's precious because of what it represents.

Every time I look at it, I feel that cold wind in my face and the butterflies in my stomach. And I realize just how incredibly freaking lucky I am. This gorgeous, fearless, amazing man who could have his pick of any knockout girl out there actually chose ME. And now he says he wants to MARRY me. And I'm going to be an actual bride. In a wedding dress. If this isn't crazy, I don't know what is.


Love in Venice

Told you I'd be back.

Venice was, of course, magical.

There are so many things I love about this city (this wasn't my first time there, but it was the first time I went with David, and being a very romantic city, it was truly unforgettable to explore it with him), such as the total absence of cars, the breathtaking views and this special atmosphere that never really leaves the city. It's special.

We didn't get a map, and the only museums and art galleries we set foot in were the ones that we just happened to stumble across. The rest of the time, we just wandered aimlessly around the city, taking in the magical visuals, the Christmas spirit, and the amazingness that is this city.

Here are some highlights:


Taking a Tiny Break.

Dear sweet readers. In these last few days, I've really appreciated the very nice and uplifting comments you've left me. Since starting Coffee and Heels, I've learned so much - it's been a heck of a ride, and it's only been four and a half months. I've looked into veganism. I've started buying only cruelty-free beauty products. I've learned that there are alternatives to wool. And I've also learned that there are tons of amazing fashionistas with a conscience out there - I'm not alone in this adventure, there are many of us and we have a strong voice!
I've had an awesome November and was just getting started on an even more awesome December when some awful family matters struck (my grandmother passed away) and general life chaos took over my life. Just things that everyone goes through sooner or later, but nonetheless difficult to deal with. Things that bring up thoughts, questions. Things that make you tired of being scared and worried. Things that make you rethink some of your life choices. Things that may be just a little bit overwhelming.
So, as of today, Coffee and Heels, and myself, are going on a tiny little break.
Don't worry, I'm not abandoning you: I'm just running away to Venice with my man for a few days. A breath of fresh air and long winter walks in a beautiful city, and four computer-free days, is just what I need right now. I'll be back, as good as new, before you know it. Maybe even this weekend.
Have a nice week, my beautiful readers. And don't miss me too much!


GlossyBox - With a Touch of Cruelty-Free

When I found out that GlossyBox was coming to Italy, I was overjoyed. I mean, I really love the concept: you pay a small amount of money (in our case, 14 euro) every month and receive a cute little pink box with a selection of mini-sized beauty products, all of which are a surprise - you never know what's in the box before you get it.

I immediately wanted to sign up - but of course, I had my doubts: there was a big risk that all the products in the Box wouldn't be cruelty-free. And since I'm slowly committing to my new lifestyle, I didn't want to risk falling into a powdery-pink trap.

In the name of research, I decided to sign up and see how it went. I figured, if there weren't any cruelty-free products to be found, I'd simply cancel my registration and move on with my wonderfully animal-friendly life.

Today, I got the second GlossyBox, with tons of luxurious little surprises, among which a sweet-smelling body lotion, a burgundy lip gloss, and a CoSTUME NATIONAL scent!

...and:a silvery eye shadow by Lakshmi, an organic brand, an all-natural soap from Nour, a brand I don't know yet but am about to discover!

I'm happy that the GlossyBox team paid attention to the cruelty-free issue and went for natural cosmetics. I'd love to see more organic products with no animal testing in my future GlossyBoxes...I'll keep receiving them and, obviously, leaving feedback with the Glossy team. It's time for a cruelty-free beauty revolution!