Things I Love TV: 2 Broke Girls

Hello, my name is Sascha and I am a tv-series-aholic. 
I have been since I was 10, when I fell head-over-heels in love with Zack from Saved by the Bell. Ah, Zack.

But back to 2011.
I've discovered some awesome new TV treats lately, and one of my newfound faves is 2 Broke Girls, a comedy created by Sex and the City's Michael Patrick King and comedian Whitney Cummings that deals with the unlikely friendship between hard-working, rough-talking waitress Max and ex-rich girl Caroline, who's forced to take a job as a waitress at the same Williamsburg diner as Max after her billionaire father loses everything in a scandal causing her to lose all her cash and all her friends. Forced to move into Max's (unrealistically huge) apartment, Caroline sets out to prove she's not a cookie-cutter spoiled rich girl: she's got big plans for herself and Max to start a cupcake business (Max happens to be a cupcake master) and hit the big time.

I wasn't expecting big things from this show, but after reading about it on Hello Giggles (you all do visit Hello Giggles at least once a day, don't you? If not, get on with it!), I decided to check it out and it was a very positive suprise. This show is funny and ironic, and the barely-20 minutes the episodes last are nowhere near enough.  See for yourselves:


  1. ahahahah....la scena del Ketchup รจ buffissima!! Sembra carina come serie TV... un bacio :*

  2. Anch'io ero innamorata di Zack di Bayside school...!!

  3. Oh hello Sascha, my name is Ranna and I'm a cinephile and tv-series-aholic. Like yourself, I was in crushed on Zack when I was a kid (one of many TV men to come) and I am in love with 2 Broke Girls...Time flies when I watch the show and cannot wait for the latest episode :-)

  4. Amanda: it's awesome right? Too bad they're only 20 minutes each! When I first discovered it, I watched, like, three in a row. Addicitive!


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