Things I Love Travel: A Year in New York

I stumbled across this video because a friend of a friend shared it on Facebook, and I really fell in love with it:

A Year in New York from Andrew Clancy on Vimeo.

Andrew Clancy, who lives in New York, spent a year with a camera in his hand filming little things that happened around him in the city, ending up with this beautiful video.

I have no real connection to this truly unique, phenomenal city: I have only spent four days of my life in New York. But if even I am so moved by this video, I can't imagine how it touches someone who actually lives in New York or has close ties to the city.

Watching this video on a cold November afternoon in my little studio apartment here in Milan made me remember a part of me that's always been around but that I've tended to pack away for the last few months. I am a natural-born explorer. I love to travel, but I also love to live in new places. I love discovering those little pieces of a city that Andrew has so masterfully captured in his video: the people on the streets, the little restaurants, the shops, the subways, the bridges, the lights that fill up the night. I love to walk on new streets, smell new scents, taste new flavors and feel a new wind on my face, even if it's cold.

I have lived in only four countries in my life and I find them to be excruciatingly few. My soul actually hurts, aches with a desire to explore more, see more, live more. I suffer from abstinence of new beginnings. What I feel is an actual hunger for a new life, and it comes around every once in a while, just when I've gotten used to a comfortable existence of high heels and hot chocolates, cocktails and sunsets. I don't think there can ever be a place where I can stay forever and call it "home." Home for me is resting my head on David's shoulder. Wherever he is, that's where "home" is to me. Fortunately, he feels the same. About me and about the world.

I want to say "thank you" to Andrew for his video, for reminding me of this. Not because otherwise I wouldn't remember, but because this feeling of wanting to spread my wings is a natural high to me, and one of the many things that I call happiness.


  1. I think we should do the same with Stockholm and Milan. So much beauty to share :-)

  2. Amanda: I agree!! Oh, to have a good video camera...


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