The Show Must Go On: Queen & Adam Lambert

When I first got to know my musician boyfriend, one of the first things he asked me was "do you like Queen?" My answer was, "obviously everyone likes Queen, duh," but in hindsight, knowing now what Queen mean to him, what I should have said was, "OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM!!!".

Queen is by far David's greatest musical inspiration and without a doubt his favorite band. When I asked him who would be in his dream band, he basically named all of Queen. Through his expert knowledge and palpable passion for this band, I've gotten to know more of their masterpieces (I don't call them "songs" - they're masterpieces) and some of them, like Spread Your Wings and Miracle, have become my favorites because they're incredibly meaningful and endlessly beautiful. 

...and of course there will never, ever be a singer like Freddie again. Ever.

But even if Freddie's immortal voice can't possibly be reproduced, it doesn't mean that Queen's music can't live on - the show must go on, including live performances! 
When tuning into the last minutes of the MTV EMAs yesterday (I spent the evening drinking questionable substances at one of David's friends' house, so I didn't catch the whole show. Will have to make up for it this week!), I had no idea what would happen - would Lady Gaga sing? Would they put on old Freddie records? If someone told me that Adam Lambert would be on stage my reaction would have been "...eh?" I do like Adam, but I couldn't quite picture him as a replacement for Freddie.

Boy, did he prove me wrong.

Adam Lambert completely blew us all out of the water last night, proving his pipes were more than up to the challenging task. He had some enormous shoes to fill, and he did so in the best possible way.

Freddie was amazing because he managed to light up the crowd, to make his audience fly with him. Every word he sang, every note, every inch of his masterpieces captured whoever was lucky enough to be listening and became immortal at once. 

Adam is a singer from a talent show. A guy who wears eye makeup. A huge voice. A pretty big personality, too. But I can honestly say I never expected this from him.

...and let's all just take some time to notice how incredible Brian May is.  The man is over 60 years old, guys. And he's also an animal rights activist!

Goes to show that no, real music is not dead. Sure, these songs are all about twenty years old. But still, when talents like Adam meet legends like Brian and Queen, great things are made. A part of me believes Freddie was watching the show from up there and smiling.



  1. I must say that when Adam started singing I was glued to the TV...I was disappointed in the awards this year but loved the streaking part but Adam took it to a whole other level. Love Queen always!!

  2. Åh får gåshud över hela kroppen fast än jag redan har sett det här uppträdandet flera gånger! Grymma är dem!

  3. Adam had a career before American Idol. He performed in music theatre since he was a child and also in the LA based Zodiac Show. His voice was well known in the underground/alternative clubs for years in the LA area before he auditioned for AI. Also, please go on YouTube and look up some of his many incredible performances of Whole Lotta Love, Sleepwalker, Soaked, Whataya Want From Me, etc. and his performances in The Ten Commandments and Wicked. You would then see why his fans were not shocked at this mind blowing performance--we knew he had it in him.


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