Pinterest: I am Officially Obsessed

I haven't posted anything on Facebook today.

I didn't Tweet.

I didn't take any pictures of my new vegan H&M wedges (have patience).

I barely even managed to call my boyfriend.

My life has been taken over by a new obsession.


For all of you who don't know what Pinterest is...congratulations. You still have a chance at saving yourself from the obsession. 

I blame Sofia's Journal. As one of my favorite bloggers, Sofia is officially guilty of having introduced me to Pinterest - I read about it on her blog yesterday and immediately requested an invite. And today I was invited. To fall into a new addiction.

Pinterest is like a giant moodboard playground, where you can create little moodboards and divide them by themes (if you know me, you already know I'm going crazy. In fact I've been a member for seven hours and created eleven boards already). 

My boards are (for now...):

Style - looks, accessories, bags and shoes!
Beauty - makeup, nails and hair
Icons - classic movie stars, such as Audrey and Marilyn
Love - all things romantic
Eye Candy - cute boys
Travel - beautiful places around the globe
Delicious - sweet and yummy stuff
Decor - beautiful interior design
Wisdom - smart and inspiring quotes
Cuties - dogs, cats and other adorable pets
...and Guilty Pleasures - wine, shopping, coffee and other drugs!

You can follow me here... please do so, as I have no followers!

Warning: visiting this site may result in addiction, obsession and loss of sleep.


  1. oooh yeah, it does look addictive!


  2. I haven't dared to explore the world of Pininterest but, from what I heard, I can see myself becoming very addicted to it!

    Did you buy the floral wedger from the Conscious Collection?! I wnat them as well!

  3. Cavolo sembra un sito proprio carino...ho mandato la richiesta...speriamo almeno sia un diversivo da facebook...ahhaha:)

  4. Sasha, ciao, ma hai cambiato blog! ero rimasta a Sasha's daily drama( cui dovrei essere ancora oscritta, tra l'altro). Molto bello il tu8o nuovo spazio, mi dai l'opportunità di esercitarmi con l'inglese! e grazie per il commento ed i complimenti, in realtà ero vestita di nero, ma le mie foto lasciano sempre un pò a desiderare come qualità, sigh! buona giornata :-)

  5. Oh no. Pinterest.
    Non lo conoscevo, ma scopro di aver creato una sorta di Pinterest nel mio computer. Praticamente la mia cartella Immagini contiene cartelle come "citazioni" "abiti" "truccoparrucco" "animali" "cibo" "gioielli"...

    Passare dal computer al web è estremamente semplice... e rischioso.


  6. Nooo, adesso devo proprio provarlo!!
    Dopo Looklet, Polyvore e Fashiolista.....avrò forse un'altra dipendenza!!!


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