Me and My Glasses: A Love/Hate Story

My mother discovered that there was something wrong with my eternally daydreaming hazel little eyes when I was six years old, right before we moved from my native Moscow to Stockholm, where I grew up. Thus, I boarded the plane with a pair of red glasses sitting proudly on my nose. I felt quite the worldly six-year-old, with my little suitcase and my new glasses. From there on, it just got worse.

As any girl who's ever worn glasses knows, that pesky little eye-cessory may be all the rage now, but back in the day before we stepped cautiously into our teens, the specs were considered (by our peers, at least, and at that age, theirs is the only opinion that matters) less than spec-tacular. In fact, the girl with glasses is one of the few stereotypes that actually proved to be true in my toe-curlingly painful junior high school years. Add to that being an eternal "new girl" (we moved house, like, every five minutes) and the fact that my parents had a thing for "upscale" (as in: "stick-up-the-butt-scale") schools where my classmates were prissy and preppy little perfection monsters, and you may start to envision the hell that was my childhood. In my ten-year-old mind, those glasses were the root of all evil. I couldn't wait to get rid of them.

When I turned fifteen, I got my first paycheck from being an extra in a commercial. And what did I use that money for? Well, my first contacts, of course. Putting them in was a snap, pulling them out was a bit harder, but it was all worth it. Because now, no one knew that I needed glasses. Magic.

One of my favorite movies around that time in my life was She's All That, where Rachael Leigh Cook went through the ultimate high school transformation:

...didn't all of us glasses girls dream of being Laney in that red-dress scene?

Fast-forward eight years, I'm 23 and still wearing contacts. A colleague tells me that if I don't switch to glasses at least every once in a while ("at night, when you're home alone and no one can SEE you!") I might get something as scary as eye cancer. Eye cancer. I march off to the specs store and walk out with a pink pair of Just Cavalli eye-jewelry. I feel cute.

From then until now, celebrities have embraced glasses. My favorite is of course the quirkily gorgeous and fantastically funny Zooey Deschanel, or should I say: "who's that girl? It's Jess!":

Lately, glasses are no strangers on the runway. The show that did it for me was without a doubt Dsquared2 Spring Summer 11, the first Dsquared2 show I ever went to:

 ...I mean, menswear inspirations and slinky satin. Black and white. Scraped-back hair. And huge geeky glasses. Can a woman look any sexier than that? I think not.

Unfortunately, time passses for all of us, and that also applies to my Just Cavallis. After five years (!) of everyday use and international travel, they had grown pretty old and were begging to retire. So, let me introduce you to my early Christmas present from my family and a new addition to the Coffee and Heels closet...can't wait to wear 'em!


  1. Well, I personally think there is nothing wrong wearing glasses nowadays, in Japan they use them, even if they don't need to, they just think it's cool! And actually I think that, too. If you were a pair of stylish ones it gives that mysterious and yet so sexy look, I personally love it :) And love your new Miu Miu! Hope you feel well, btw, cheers and kisses :*

  2. come non comprenderti! anch'io porto gli occhiali da tanto tempo e li odio perché sono davvero una talpa, non posso farne a meno neppure per cinque minuti! ho un problema con le lenti a contatto e posso portarle solo per poche ore (quindi quando esco) ma adesso vorrei comprare un nuovo paio di occhiali che siano carini oltre che pratici...pensavo proprio a una montatura come quella di zoey deschanel ;)


  3. Sascha! Che bello leggere di una blogger che porta gli occhiali (di certo non fa piacere avere problemi di vista), e noon se ne vergogno da scriverlo in un post.
    Purtroppo anch'io son costretta a portarli, e circa un anno prima che spopolasse la montatura da "nerd", io avevo trovato una montatura simile in casa, un vero pezzo vintage! Ovviamente le mie diottrie sono calate ed ora devo cambiare montatura, ma grazie al tuo post ora posso farmi un'idea di cosa provare dopo la visita oculistica! :D

  4. Marta & Myriam: io comunque di giorno ho sempre le lenti a contatto...ma la sera bisogna cambiare, e mi piacciono troppo le Miu Miu, sono fortissime (eh sono praticamente cieca) e molto carine!


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