I'm undecided. Again.

I've dreamed of getting a tattoo for a long, long time. Since I was 18, which makes it TEN WHOLE YEARS. And I still don't have one. It's partly because I haven't been able to afford it and partly because I'm not yet decided.

A part of me is attracted to Sienna Miller's shoulder stars:

In my life, the three stars would represent me and my two sisters. The three of us live in three different countries, and the tattoo would remind me that we have to stay united.

Another idea would be the letter D. On my wrist.

...mine would be a D, not a L, because it would be for David. And no, please don't tell me that we "might break up." Even if we do (highly, highly unlikely: when a girl has the blind, deaf and dumb luck to find Mr Right, she does everything in her power not to let him go!), these have been the most amazing four years ever. And I will always, always love him. So a sign on my wrist would be a great match with the one in my heart.

The last idea is a variation on this:

Mine would be smaller, and there would be less distance between the bird and the cage. The story behind this, for me, would be a "free as a bird" theme: I'm all about living freely and escaping from the many different traps of life. That's my whole life philosophy.

So, at the end of this, I remain undecided. And I suppose that because of that undecided-ness, my skin will remain untouched by needles for a long time. Unless I make up my mind. Or get all three!

all photos from http://www.pinterest.com/


  1. Gör D först och sen de andra två!

  2. I found the 3rd tattoo most original, ité beautiful.

  3. I have 2 tats, and getting a 3rd one. I think it's not a good idea to copy someone else's tattoo, it makes it less "yours". I suggest you get an inspiration, but not totally copy the design of the tat. A tattoo must be something profound, something that is not in the moment phase, but something that is truly within you. Goodluck! - Nadine

  4. In my opinion, I really love the 3rd. But I think that all are small and chic, so, you can also get the 1, the 2nd and the last one.

  5. Hi Sasha!
    nice to meet you, I'm Anna from Italy :-) nice blog here!!
    I prefer the first tatoo :)

    What about following each other? it would be a pleasure having you on my blog!

    Follow me and I'll return the favour :-D


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  7. Beautiful tattoo <3
    I follow u, follow me? <3


  8. They do say that once you get your first tattoo the others are not far behind :-) I vote for the 3 stars for you and your sisters but do something of your own, like 3 music notes or one symbol that represents each of you...you wanted them for a long time and I think they are the best ones. Good luck :-) lots of love


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