The Kind Life: Why Alicia Silverstone is My Hero

There are some celebrities that I just admire from the bottom of my heart for their ability to use their power to do great, inspiring, amazing things as opposed to just going shopping all day and falling out of clubs with their boob jobs hanging out for all the world and tabloids to see (not mentioning any names...).  It's all about giving something to the world and not just to yourself.

Alicia Silverstone is such a celebrity and I've always loved her. 

This is the woman who gave us this:

...and this:

...and how can we forget this:

...now, I may be behind on this, but I've recently discovered Alicia's new web site The Kind Life, where she promotes a healthier living that's gentle both to you and to nature. Born from her book The Kind Diet, this website is all about finding a lifestyle that lets you "live your happiest and healthiest life to the fullest, all while taking care of mama Earth at the same time", which is an idea that I just adore. Alicia talks candidly about her issues with fur and wool, being a sugar addict  and eco new year's resolutions, just to name a few. Her style of writing is very direct and friendly and she's instantly likeable, just like you'd imagine. 

This site also features a little social network where you can sign up and be part of the Kind Life world, comment on posts and post links. I think this is an amazing idea, because this way you can get so many tips and advice, and you can share your knowledge with people and meet new friends.

Alicia's passion for her liftestyle is contageous. You can't help but want to be part of it, and it's truly inspiring to see a celebrity dedicate herself to a cause so fully. This girl really knows what she's talking about, and she wants you to listen.

Or maybe it's just me, and I happen to like "groovy" things.


Don't Buy This Magazine!

I have never bought Italian Amica magazine. I've never been a fan of their writing or styling. But recently, I got another reason to never, ever buy this magazine and to kindly ask all of you to boycott it as well.

On the cover of Amica magazine, we see the Russian model Irina Shayk wearing a fur coat and holding a baby tiger. The headline says: "I love animals: do I have to give up fur?"

...the obvious answer to that question would be big, fat YES. At least if we're talking real fur, one of the world's most cruel and eco-unfriendly businesses, where thousands of animals face a slow and painful death by electrocuting or being skinned alive. I don't need to illustrate all the horrors of the fur industry to you; in 2011, we all know what's going on. Except, apparently, Irina Shayk. And Amica magazine.

In the interview, which I read online, Irina talks about "hypocrites" that wear leather shoes and eat meat while boycotting fur. Personally, I have no clue who she's talking about: most vegetarians I know, including myself, wear faux-leather shoes. And even if that weren't the case, forgive me for defending meat for a minute (I haven't eaten it since I was 11), but the meat and leather industries are nowhere near as bad as fur, and Irina's ignorance makes her an utterly unfit interview subject (i'm not fond of her as a model either, but making her talk is just a big mistake).

In my opinion, this cover is a prime example of bad taste, not to mention disrespectful towards those of us that actually try to fight for a good cause. I'm very happy, though, that so many Italian women were outraged by this cover. Shows that there are many of us, and we're not giving up our fight. The world is ready for the cruelty-free revolution!

For those of you who can read Italian, here's a copy of the e-mail that I wrote to Cristina Lucchini, editor of Amica:


Cara Amica.

Non sei mai stata un'amica, ma ora sei diventata una nemica.

Non ho mai comprato la vostra rivista e di sicuro non intendo mai farlo.
Però avrei una proposta per voi, se mi posso permettere: trovatevi un po' di tatto, di classe e di gusto.

La vostra copertina con Irina Shayk è (non solo) nella mia opinione:
- di cattivo gusto
- dispettosa verso gli animali
- dispettosa verso chi, come me, combatte contro l'orrore dell'industria delle pellicce ogni giorno

...e se me lo posso permettere, l'unica cosa bella su quella copertina è il tigrotto.

Sono una web editor nel campo della moda e lavoro con alcuni dei brand più grandi del mondo. Sono anche giornalista freelance e ho collaborato con tre testate nazionali in Svezia, una tra cui Cosmopolitan Svezia,
la cui casa editrice ha vietato l'utilizzo di pellicce vere in tutte le proprie testate.

Non so se siete a conoscenza delle procedure con cui vengono prodotte le pellicce vere. Se non lo sapete, vi posso informare che per produrre un capo in pelliccia, gli animali vengono uccisi con elettroshock e/o
scuoiati vivi. Vi sembra una cosa che chi "ama gli animali" sosterrebbe? Mi sembra chiaro che questa copertina era nata per provocare: forse stanno scendendo le vendite? Capisco che la concorrenza con altre riviste è dura, però potreste almeno provare a non servirvi di esseri innocenti per attirare attenzione.

Nel 2011 ci sono moltissime alternative: designer come Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani e Miuccia Prada hanno tutti usato pellicce ecologiche nelle loro collezioni. Chi ama il look "peloso" può trovare tante alternative
cruelty-free (immagino che non sapete cosa significa, quindi ecco la traduzione: senza crudeltà). Stilisti che sono proprio all'avanguardia, come Stella McCartney e Rebecca Mink rinunciano alla pelle e alla pelliccia al 100%.
Io non mi riconosco nell'ipocrisia di cui parla la modella: non mangio carne e indosso solo scarpe/borse/accessori in ecopelle, come la maggior parte dei vegetariani. Non si tratta di essere "animalisti", ma di essere un essere umano consapevole. Uno che vive nel 2011, cosa che evidentemente Irina Shayk non fa. E mi sembra neanche voi.

La vostra (piuttosto penosa, a mio avviso) "difesa" a questo link http://blog.leiweb.it/cristina-lucchini/2011/10/25/a-tutti-gli-animalisti/ non chiarisce niente e vi rende negli occhi dei potenziali lettrici ancora più ridicole.
"Non tolleriamo la violenza"? Ma care Amiche, siamo noi "animaliste" che non la tolleriamo, ecco perchè abbiamo reagito così! Se non lo capite, fatevi qualche domanda.
"Vogliamo aprire un dibattito"? Ma...non ci deve essere un dibattito. Ci deve essere solo una chiara presa di posizione, contro la violenza e contro la crudeltà. E perchè mai qualcuno che compra la pelliccia vera "al mercatino" dovrebbe sentirsi meno un assassino di qualcuno che ne compra una da Fendi? Si tratta comunque di un animale ucciso in modi atroci. Questa è proprio ignoranza, cara Amica.

Non avete perso in me una lettrice, in quanto non vi ho mai lette. Però diffonderò attivamente il messaggio di non comprare la vostra rivista, iniziando dal mio blog www.coffee-and-heels.com

Insomma, pensateci. E vi consiglio vivamente di scusarvi con le poche lettrici che vi sono rimaste.

Mi scuso per eventuali errori grammatici, sono dovuti al fatto che sono straniera. Sì, sono russa.

Cordiali saluti,

...and for all of you that don't, it basically says what this post says: we are not okay with this and we will NOT buy your magazine until you take a stand against fur.



I'm undecided. Again.

I've dreamed of getting a tattoo for a long, long time. Since I was 18, which makes it TEN WHOLE YEARS. And I still don't have one. It's partly because I haven't been able to afford it and partly because I'm not yet decided.

A part of me is attracted to Sienna Miller's shoulder stars:

In my life, the three stars would represent me and my two sisters. The three of us live in three different countries, and the tattoo would remind me that we have to stay united.

Another idea would be the letter D. On my wrist.

...mine would be a D, not a L, because it would be for David. And no, please don't tell me that we "might break up." Even if we do (highly, highly unlikely: when a girl has the blind, deaf and dumb luck to find Mr Right, she does everything in her power not to let him go!), these have been the most amazing four years ever. And I will always, always love him. So a sign on my wrist would be a great match with the one in my heart.

The last idea is a variation on this:

Mine would be smaller, and there would be less distance between the bird and the cage. The story behind this, for me, would be a "free as a bird" theme: I'm all about living freely and escaping from the many different traps of life. That's my whole life philosophy.

So, at the end of this, I remain undecided. And I suppose that because of that undecided-ness, my skin will remain untouched by needles for a long time. Unless I make up my mind. Or get all three!

all photos from http://www.pinterest.com/


Pinterest: I am Officially Obsessed

I haven't posted anything on Facebook today.

I didn't Tweet.

I didn't take any pictures of my new vegan H&M wedges (have patience).

I barely even managed to call my boyfriend.

My life has been taken over by a new obsession.


For all of you who don't know what Pinterest is...congratulations. You still have a chance at saving yourself from the obsession. 

I blame Sofia's Journal. As one of my favorite bloggers, Sofia is officially guilty of having introduced me to Pinterest - I read about it on her blog yesterday and immediately requested an invite. And today I was invited. To fall into a new addiction.

Pinterest is like a giant moodboard playground, where you can create little moodboards and divide them by themes (if you know me, you already know I'm going crazy. In fact I've been a member for seven hours and created eleven boards already). 

My boards are (for now...):

Style - looks, accessories, bags and shoes!
Beauty - makeup, nails and hair
Icons - classic movie stars, such as Audrey and Marilyn
Love - all things romantic
Eye Candy - cute boys
Travel - beautiful places around the globe
Delicious - sweet and yummy stuff
Decor - beautiful interior design
Wisdom - smart and inspiring quotes
Cuties - dogs, cats and other adorable pets
...and Guilty Pleasures - wine, shopping, coffee and other drugs!

You can follow me here... please do so, as I have no followers!

Warning: visiting this site may result in addiction, obsession and loss of sleep.


Things I Love Movies: Friends With Benefits

I love going to the movies on Saturday nights, especially in the fall, when the nights get a bit colder and nothing beats snuggling up in a comfy seat with popcorn and a nice movie, and then talking about all the things you loved about it on the way home.

I must say I'd been looking forward to Friends With Benefits. It's just my type of movie: anyone who knows me would say that I'm the queen of romantic comedies. And this is a perfect Saturday night film: a quick and refreshing comedy, with some romance and a hot guy thrown in (by the way, mr. Timberlake: WOW).
I love all of those movies, and I would watch them all day if I could. But this one I knew I could drag my boyfriend to, just because post-Black Swan (which of course I made him watch) he's going through a Mila Kunis phase. And, well, who isn't. This girl is, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous human beings alive. At one point, when they were both in their underwear, I didn't know who I was looking at: Justin or Mila.

It's funny that in Friday's post I mentioned Laney from She's All That and how that was one of my favorite movies of my early teens. I identified a lot with Laney: she was a quirky high school girl with a crush on the popular guy, just like me. And I thought about how movie characters kind of grow as we grow. At fifteen I identified with Laney, at twenty-eight I identify with heels-wearing, quick-talking, coffee-drinking, huge-laugh-and-lacy-underwear Jaime, Mila Kunis's character. I don't know how they do that, but movie heroines just have this thing about them, that make us say, "hey, I do that, too". Or maybe I'm just a lot like Jaime, because when we left the movie theater, David actually said, "that girl's a lot like you, with smaller boobs" (well, and a lot of other physical differences, I might add. Moral of the story: I'm getting a spray tan).

I have always had a mega soft spot for Justin Timberlake. Ever since his first solo video, where he finally got rid of that huge hair (good move), I have found him impossibly sexy. And I really hoped it would last with him and Cameron Diaz. But what I really want to say here is that Justin is actually an OK comedic actor. I liked him lots in Social Network and Friends with Benefits was even better because he's funny here. See for yourselves:

Have you seen it? If not, go grab a bucket of popcorn and a huge soda, and someone you like, and run to the nearest movie theater. And when you walk out, don't be surprised if you feel awesome. 


Me and My Glasses: A Love/Hate Story

My mother discovered that there was something wrong with my eternally daydreaming hazel little eyes when I was six years old, right before we moved from my native Moscow to Stockholm, where I grew up. Thus, I boarded the plane with a pair of red glasses sitting proudly on my nose. I felt quite the worldly six-year-old, with my little suitcase and my new glasses. From there on, it just got worse.

As any girl who's ever worn glasses knows, that pesky little eye-cessory may be all the rage now, but back in the day before we stepped cautiously into our teens, the specs were considered (by our peers, at least, and at that age, theirs is the only opinion that matters) less than spec-tacular. In fact, the girl with glasses is one of the few stereotypes that actually proved to be true in my toe-curlingly painful junior high school years. Add to that being an eternal "new girl" (we moved house, like, every five minutes) and the fact that my parents had a thing for "upscale" (as in: "stick-up-the-butt-scale") schools where my classmates were prissy and preppy little perfection monsters, and you may start to envision the hell that was my childhood. In my ten-year-old mind, those glasses were the root of all evil. I couldn't wait to get rid of them.

When I turned fifteen, I got my first paycheck from being an extra in a commercial. And what did I use that money for? Well, my first contacts, of course. Putting them in was a snap, pulling them out was a bit harder, but it was all worth it. Because now, no one knew that I needed glasses. Magic.

One of my favorite movies around that time in my life was She's All That, where Rachael Leigh Cook went through the ultimate high school transformation:

...didn't all of us glasses girls dream of being Laney in that red-dress scene?

Fast-forward eight years, I'm 23 and still wearing contacts. A colleague tells me that if I don't switch to glasses at least every once in a while ("at night, when you're home alone and no one can SEE you!") I might get something as scary as eye cancer. Eye cancer. I march off to the specs store and walk out with a pink pair of Just Cavalli eye-jewelry. I feel cute.

From then until now, celebrities have embraced glasses. My favorite is of course the quirkily gorgeous and fantastically funny Zooey Deschanel, or should I say: "who's that girl? It's Jess!":

Lately, glasses are no strangers on the runway. The show that did it for me was without a doubt Dsquared2 Spring Summer 11, the first Dsquared2 show I ever went to:

 ...I mean, menswear inspirations and slinky satin. Black and white. Scraped-back hair. And huge geeky glasses. Can a woman look any sexier than that? I think not.

Unfortunately, time passses for all of us, and that also applies to my Just Cavallis. After five years (!) of everyday use and international travel, they had grown pretty old and were begging to retire. So, let me introduce you to my early Christmas present from my family and a new addition to the Coffee and Heels closet...can't wait to wear 'em!