Weekend Inspiration

Things I loved this week:

The book A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux: a classic, old-fashioned guide to style. Reading this book is like opening a tiny, beautiful box of elaborate, expensive Swiss chocolates.

Americ'as Next Top Model is back, baby! And this time, Tyra's bringing back fan favorites from past seasons...it's the all-star season! Since ANTM has been a guilty pleasure of mine since cycle one, I'll be looking forward to each catfighting, decadently glamorous episode.

...and it's Gala again. I love Gala Darling, she's one of my favorite bloggers and a never-failing pick-me-up machine! This post is a live-by-this manifesto for everyone who wants to live a sparkly life.

This video of an elephant painting...an elephant. Jaw-dropping.


  1. I like this little list of nice things. Will go check out Gala's site since you recommend it. Re the outfit, I really much like to play contrast too. Hate total looks.



  2. Mi ha incuriosito il libro, io ho letto: "CHIC!VIVERE CON ELEGANZA AI TEMPI DELLA CRISI" di Marjorie Hillis e lo consiglio vivamente.
    Poi per quanto riguarda America's Next Top Model non vedo l'ora!!!(eh, sono stufa di riguardarmi le vecchie puntate su Sky.....sono arrivata a ripetere a memoria cio che dice Tyra!).


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