Things I Love TV: New Girl

I found out about this show on the blog A Cup of Jo, which I love, and I wanted to share it with you because this show is just a good-mood injection.
New Girl tells the story of Jess, a quirky, adorable young lady that has recently suffered a particularly horrible breakup (haven't we all), so to get away from it all, she moves in
with three single guys (nice move). The pilot episode is original, spirited, and so funny that for a second I felt like something had shown upto finally fill the Friends-shaped hole in my heart
(no offence, How I Met Your Mother - I still love you).

What is it that makes this show so a-dork-able? Zooey Deschanel. After having seen her in the supremely awful The Good Girl and the magically superb 500 Days of Summer, I admit that
Zooey is my biggest girl crush to date (no offence Natalie Portman - I still love you). She's just so heartbreakingly pretty - and a kick-ass actress. And the Jess character reminds me so much of...
well, me. I'm dorky, too. I do ridiculous songs and dances. I have days when I'm on the couch crying and watching chick flicks. I talk waaaay too fast and am a total nerd.

Reasons why every girl will love this show:

because we know what a breakup feels like.
because we all get nerdy sometimes!
because deep down (or maybe not so deep!) we'd all love to live with three cute guys.

Reasons why every guywill love this show:

well...Zooey Deschanel.

My favorite quote of the pilot episode:

Jess: "Well, I guess I can't hide my crazy".
Nick: "I don't think you're trying hard enough."


  1. Sembra tanto carino!
    Ma è arrivato in Italia o bisogna cercarlo in Streaming?

  2. Omg, it looks so good!! I wish I could live with three handsome guys. I think I'll start watching it, thanks for sharing it :)

  3. ho appena letto qualcosa su questo telefilm, sembra carino!!
    anche a me piace molto zoey :)

  4. Io l'ho guadato in streaming, a sapere ora dove ho preso il link...ho cercato in Google "new girl watch online" ed é venuto fuori!

  5. L'ho appena guardato, mi piace!
    Avessi trovato io dei coinquilini come quelli...

  6. Your so right! After Friends and in between How I met Your Mother, I love New Girl. It's like she speaks out of what us girls is about! And luckily for her, she got to live with thee cute guys!


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