Natyr Green Tea Face Mask

Since I started Coffee and Heels, I have been on an endless journey of discovering cruelty-free makeup and beauty products.
  And let me say: it's not easy! Especially if you have a very limited budget like mine. I'd love to use only Care by Stella McCartney, but unfortunately my wallet doesn't agree!

Very fortunately, I live above an organic shop. Altromercato has shops all over Italy and I am lucky enough to have one on my street. They sell organic clothes, food and natural cosmetics - their house brand is Natyr, which I haven't found anywhere else (they don't even have a website!).

Last weekend I was too lazy to walk all the way to Lush, so I popped into Altromercato for a face mask. I decided to give the green-tea deep purifying one a try (it only cost 6 euro) and yesterday I tried it on while watching the new episodes of Gossip Girl! This was last night and my skin still feels silky soft. The mask deep-cleaned my skin without irritating it - great for anyone who's got mixed-to-oily skin like me!

You know that I normally blog about products that you can buy online, but this one, unfortunately, is un-find-able. If you live in Italy, you can find more info about Natyr and Altromercato here. The rest of you, hey - if you ever come to Milan, I'm happy to show you around some organic shops!

Do you have any tips for cruelty free beauty products? I'm having some trouble finding things like toothpaste, sunscreen and soap!


  1. This is so cool. I used to own a bath and body company that was all natural/organic... It was called "Orgo Cosmetics" (I don't anymore, because I found that I prefer to make the products rather than run a whole business of it) so I know a fair amount about it.

    Are you more interested in making the products or buying them yourself?

    If you want to buy them, have you heard of Lush Cosmetics? Not all of their products are organic/all natural, but they list all of their ingredients (it's mostly just the shower gels that have parabens in them) They also NEVER test on animals and a lot of their products are vegan (I think only a few use beeswax) They're kind of expensive, but so fun. (Although, I can't imagine you live in Milan and have never heard of Lush? There must be one there?)

    Personally, for toothpaste, I have always used Tom's, though I don't know that you can get that in Milan (I must say, though, I'd give up my Tom's toothpaste for Milan anyday!)

    If you're really adamant about it, there are a LOT of DIY recipes online for toothpaste and deodorant (Though Lush has this really good coconut deodorant...) Making toothpaste is pretty easy, I've never actually done it, but I've read recipes and it seems pretty simple.

    As far as soap, I use to make a LOT of soap, so I know a lot about it. Do you prefer bars or shower gel? If you're looking for organic, I'd definitely go with bars... gels tend to contain some yucky stuff, dyes, unhealthy preservatives, etc. You can easily find organic soap if you just type it into the Etsy search. There are LOADS of soapers out there, many of them ship to Italy, too.


    Have fun :)

  2. And, The New Girl show is SO funny! I love it!

  3. Amber, thank you for all your tips! I must be one of Lush's international top clients, because when I lived in Stockholm I shopped there all the time as well. Tom's, I'll be sure to look for it!


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