Girl Meets Bag

If you're a girl like me, chances are handbags are a passion of yours. One that men struggle to understand, since they mainly tend to squeeze their phone and keys in their pants pocket, and they're ready to go. Us ladies, we're a bit more complicated than that. In our bag we carry our entire world, our universe and a part of our personality. Your bag speaks volumes about your character: is it tiny? Oversize? Colorful or classically demure? Adorned with edgy studs or ladylike and streamlined? Do you match it to your shoes? Or to your nail polish? Or to your mood? Show me your bag and I'll tell you who you are!

As you know, Coffee and Heels is a cruelty free blog. Which means that I'm not a huge fan of real leather, as it's a very unnecessary and cruel industry. I do own a leather jacket and a pair of leather boots, but I never buy leather and all my bags are vegan.
Which brings us to the fashion-versus-compassion dilemma. As I have always claimed, it IS possible to be stylish and cruelty free at the same time! Just check out these beauties from Free People:


  1. Lovely pics!!

    If you like, come to visit my blog and follow my MFW!
    kisses, gaia


  2. ModHello: I will visit your blog! Maybe we can chat about the MFW experience...


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