Nevermind: 20 Years of Teen Spirit

I haven't always been the passionate Nirvana fan that I am now. When they were at the height of their fame, I mostly listened to pop music, mainly Michael Jackson. Later, I narrowed my music tastes down to mainly hip-hop. But after meeting my boyfriend, a rock, grunge and metal guitarist, I got into "his" music and re-discovered the songs that are now part of my daily soundtrack, most of which come from the Nevermind album, released 20 years ago.

I find that Kurt Cobain was the voice of a generation in more than one way - not only because he had what can only be described as one of the most powerful, unique voices ever, but also because his music expressed what so many of us felt in the 90s - at least those of us that are in our late 20s or 30s today. Being an outsider, being depressed, being alive - they captured it, and in a way that not many others did. Kurt may be gone, but his voice lives on and the songs from Nevermind are still an influence in music and style today. Nirvana not only created music - they created expression. That is what art is all about to me.

I love Lithium because it's my go-to song when I'm angry, sad, upset, unsatisfied, or when I just need to feel something. All of Nirvana's songs are full of feeling something. In my opinion, much more so than many romantic and "heartfelt" pop songs.


Natyr Green Tea Face Mask

Since I started Coffee and Heels, I have been on an endless journey of discovering cruelty-free makeup and beauty products.
  And let me say: it's not easy! Especially if you have a very limited budget like mine. I'd love to use only Care by Stella McCartney, but unfortunately my wallet doesn't agree!

Very fortunately, I live above an organic shop. Altromercato has shops all over Italy and I am lucky enough to have one on my street. They sell organic clothes, food and natural cosmetics - their house brand is Natyr, which I haven't found anywhere else (they don't even have a website!).

Last weekend I was too lazy to walk all the way to Lush, so I popped into Altromercato for a face mask. I decided to give the green-tea deep purifying one a try (it only cost 6 euro) and yesterday I tried it on while watching the new episodes of Gossip Girl! This was last night and my skin still feels silky soft. The mask deep-cleaned my skin without irritating it - great for anyone who's got mixed-to-oily skin like me!


Girl Meets Bag

If you're a girl like me, chances are handbags are a passion of yours. One that men struggle to understand, since they mainly tend to squeeze their phone and keys in their pants pocket, and they're ready to go. Us ladies, we're a bit more complicated than that. In our bag we carry our entire world, our universe and a part of our personality. Your bag speaks volumes about your character: is it tiny? Oversize? Colorful or classically demure? Adorned with edgy studs or ladylike and streamlined? Do you match it to your shoes? Or to your nail polish? Or to your mood? Show me your bag and I'll tell you who you are!


Things I Love TV: New Girl

I found out about this show on the blog A Cup of Jo, which I love, and I wanted to share it with you because this show is just a good-mood injection.
New Girl tells the story of Jess, a quirky, adorable young lady that has recently suffered a particularly horrible breakup (haven't we all), so to get away from it all, she moves in
with three single guys (nice move). The pilot episode is original, spirited, and so funny that for a second I felt like something had shown upto finally fill the Friends-shaped hole in my heart
(no offence, How I Met Your Mother - I still love you).


Weekend Inspiration

Things I loved this week:

The book A Guide to Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux: a classic, old-fashioned guide to style. Reading this book is like opening a tiny, beautiful box of elaborate, expensive Swiss chocolates.

Americ'as Next Top Model is back, baby! And this time, Tyra's bringing back fan favorites from past seasons...it's the all-star season! Since ANTM has been a guilty pleasure of mine since cycle one, I'll be looking forward to each catfighting, decadently glamorous episode.

...and it's Gala again. I love Gala Darling, she's one of my favorite bloggers and a never-failing pick-me-up machine! This post is a live-by-this manifesto for everyone who wants to live a sparkly life.

This video of an elephant painting...an elephant. Jaw-dropping.