Lush for Life

After years of buying my makeup, body and hair products at the supermarket or at the beauty shop, I have now decided to make a change and try using only natural, non-animal-tested products. Luckily, one of my favorite beauty brands happens to be the all-green, delicious Lush, the British brand that believes in creating fresh, natural products with organic ingredients and no animal testing!

Walking into a Lush store is an experience in itself, as you're overwhelmed by this fresh, fruity smell that is an instant mood boost. And when you look closer at the products, you just can't help but want them all!

Just a few reasons why Lush is fantastic...

* Their products are made from fresh organic fruit and vegetables
* They do not test on animals (or buy their ingredients from companies that do)
* They use little or no preservatives or packaging
* ...everything smells amazing!

Here are some of my Lush faves:

1. Almond & Coconut Smoothie - moisturizes and leaves a delicious scent

2. Dream Cream - amazing after that long, luxurious bath before bedtime!

3. Imperialis - a face-moisturizing miracle!

4. Ayesha - a fresh face mask that gets mixed skin like mine back on track.

5. Bubblegum lip balm - do I need to say "kissable"?

6. Tea Tree Water - if, like me, you sometimes suffer from facial breakouts, this is the perfect product for you!

I can't wait to explore the new Lush perfumes - I promise to review them as soon as I do!

Photo from http://www.lush.co.uk/, where you can also buy all the products - and much, much more!


  1. a berlino ho preso parecchi saponi da far sciogliere nella vasca. hanno profumazioni fantastiche. entrata nel negozio volevo prendere tutto :)

  2. L'antipatica: hai ragione, a me tutti dicono sempre che l'odore è esagerato ma io lo adoro!

  3. I agree, Lush is fantastic and their products are the best. It´s just a shame that I don´t live close to any of the shops.

  4. Che bello, un'altra Lush fan!!!
    Mia madre qualche anno fa' in erboristeria teneva solo prodotti lush e quando mi portava a casa le "bombe da bagno" saltavo dalla gioia!!! e poi la cosa bella è che non testano nulla sugli animali (per esempio io per comprare anche un semplice rossetto a volte ci impiego un sacco di tempo per poter soddisfare i miei criteri di "non violenza").

  5. Ila: continua cosí!! Ci fossero piú persone come te, che danno peso anche alle piccole decisioni, il mondo sarebbe decisamente un posto migliore!

  6. Hi Sascha! Great to hear you’re going cruelty-free: this makes me insert your blog into my favorites. I went vegan a couple of months ago… just feel guilty not to have gone before. Are you vegan too?


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