Jared Leto on Paris Tragedy

Nothing to add. Just love.


Cooking in Heels: Tofurky Roast

I should really stop naming these posts 'Cooking in Heels', as David doesn't wear heels while he cooks - and he's the one doing the cooking around here.
This week, we had the chance to try a Tofurky roast - a delicious tofu roast stuffed with wild rice.

Despite me being vegan for three years and David being almost-vegan for as long, we had never eaten, let alone cooked, anything like this, so it's safe to say we were both curious!


LaRitzy Vegan Beauty Box Review

I'm always on the hunt for awesome cruelty-free beauty, so when I was contacted by a brand-new, animal-friendly beauty business and offered to try out their goods, I was so excited.
Cruelty-free beauty box service LaRitzy was founded by Gurmeet Tagore and Emily David, two animal lovers who teamed up to offer conscious shoppers a way to discover luxurious, indulgent beauty products that don't harm animals. Emily and Gurmeet share their home with three puppies, so learning more about the reality of animal testing was heartbreaking for them - but it also gave them the push they needed to start LaRitzy.


Social Media and Self-Esteem: My Two Cents

Unless you've been living under a rock, you can't have missed model/Instagram star Essena O'Neill declaring that she was quitting social media and revealing the truth behind her perfectly posed, carefully edited photos.

I wrote an Editor's Letter on Vilda a month or so ago,  talking about this very subject: how we edit our lives online to look more interesting, more glamorous, more fun. Or, as I do, just post the beautiful bits - that are doubtlessly real, but they're not the whole story.


Autumn in Hampstead Heath

Last week I was having a working lunch, when my lovely work contact casually asked what I was up to this weekend. Knowing that Saturday was going to be sunny, I said, 'oh, we might go to Hampstead Heath - we've lived in London three years and never been!'. She almost dropped her fork, and she wasn't the first one to have that reaction: when living in London for as long as we have, failing to visit Hampstead is considered nothing short of a crime. And now I understand why.


Office Style with Barel Ethical Luxury

In my world, 'dressing for the office' has always been this abstract concept that didn't really apply to me: in the plethora of professional positions I have held, from nursery nurse and cruise-ship cleaning lady to TV series actress, hotel entertainer and fashion editor, working attire has looked wildly different each time, never really falling into that stereotypical category of 'skirt suit and heels'.
But then I hit my thirties, found a career I'm really passionate about, and now I feel that my wardrobe should reflect my new attitude towards my professional path, all while retaining my individuality. Which is quite easy with a statement accessory such as the Cartella bag from BAREL Ethical Luxury.


Moscow, 26 Years Later

I was six years old when I got on the sleeper train and then ferry that would take me away from the city where I was born. The memories are a blurry haze in my mind now, but as a contrast to my giddy excitement, I remember my mother crying. I didn't realise back then that her tears were farewell tears - what I didn't know was that we were never coming back.
The memory of Moscow faded from my mind, erased by the impressions of my new life: a new language, new friends, a new street to live on, then yet another, and another. I grew up hungry for new destinations, never looking back. When questioned over never having returned to my birthplace, I replied that when it was time, the opportunity to go back would present itself. And this month, it did.