Leather: How to Fake It

I must admit that I like the look of leather. The sleek and minimalist biker look is one of my favourite style inspirations ever. This is why I am so thrilled with the faux varieties available on the high street these days*. A leather jacket and skirt have been on my must-wear list for ages - but obviously the faux variety. But I had never worn leather trousers, of any kind, until after this Christmas, when one of my gifts was a lovely pair of faux-leather trousers from Zara (chosen by me).


Two Best Friends Set Loose in London

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click? Love at first sight might be rare, but friendship at first sight doesn't come along every day either, so when I met Johanna, I knew we were on to something huge. We started chatting within seconds of first laying eyes on one another that summer in 2007 when we both worked on a sun-drenched Tuscan beach resort, and we've been inseparable ever since, or in spirit at least - Johanna lives in Stockholm. Since meeting up only happens a few times a year, all time together is limited, cherished, treasured.


Things I Love: Techbitch Book Review

First of all - I never,  ever would have thought of reading this book if I'd spotted it with its US name, The Knockoff, and the cover it has in the US. It looks and sounds like just another chick-lit book, which stops it from standing out from the enormous and rather low-quality sea of books out there, with which it has nothing to do. Hey US, there are worse things in the world than allowing the horror that is the general public reading something with "bitch" in the title - so loosen your rules.

I won't do what every reviewer does and rehash the plot, letting that fill up a good 60% of my review, but the basics of Techbitch is this: Glossy magazine editor Imogen Tate (the magazine is actually called Glossy) returns to work post-cancer break to find her former assistant Eve has now decided to turn the magazine into an app - with herself as top dog, natch - putting an end to Imogen's beautiful editorials and shiny pages, but is Eve also aiming to end Imogen's career to move into the top spot herself?


2016 Goals

Ok here I am, late to the party as always, with a list of the wild and wonderful things I hope to accomplish in this amazing brand-new year. Hold tight, it's going to be a crazy ride!

Finish my book already.
Yep, I'm working on a book! About vegan fashion, no less. Exciting stuff, I know! Except that it's sloooow going. In fact, I'd appreciate if one (or several) of my blog readers could send me Whatsapps of themselves screaming "get your arse off that sofa! Stop watching Millionaire Matchmaker - you know your husband hates that show! That book isn't going to write itself, you lazy useless chocolate chip cookie-eating robot!" or something to that effect.


My 2015

Another year is coming to an end, and what a year it's been. After the whirlwind of 2014, I was expecting this to be a calm year, one of mindfulness and reflection...instead, another rollercoaster year came along!


Vegan Christmas Dinner at The Gate

One of the reasons why I'm happy I'm not a freelancer any more are office Christmas parties! I know that some of you dread yours, and truly understand how annoying it must be to have to spend an evening with people whom you dislike and are already forced to see every day. But I love my team and always look forward work outings...especially if they are held somewhere as nice as The Gate in Islington.


Lucky in London

This week I took a few days off work to welcome a friend and her sister to stay in our flat while enjoying a few days in (sunny and unusually warm) London. They went to the theatre, shopped at Harrods and then we were off for a Christmas lights tour of the centre of the city. This morning, we showed them around our lovely area before they flew back home to Stockholm.