Why Being Vegan is Easy

It always blows my mind when I am confronted with how little people actually know about veganism. Although all the information is out there, dated stereotypes are alive and well, rearing their ugly head every time someone you know utters a sentence like 'it's just so HARD to go vegan', or 'I would love to be a vegan but it's just so difficult to eat out.' Since there is clearly a lot of preconceptions circulating that don't appear to be coming from the right sources, as a vegan, I'm here to clarify one thing: being vegan is easy.


Two Music-Themed Books I Loved Recently

So far, this has been the year of reading extremely quickly.

When looking at my Goodreads account, I can count no less than nine books read in 2015 - not counting nonfiction books on fashion, sustainability and veganism - can you tell that I'm broke and have no money for magazines? 

All jokes aside, two of my favourite books recently have been centered heavily around music. The first is an autobiography - Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys by Viv Albertine, guitarist in one of the first female punk bands in the world, the Slits. Thoroughly honest and very well written, this book kicks off at Viv's teenage years in a quite depressing part of London, when she falls in love with rock n'roll upon hearing a Beatles song and has no clue how she, as a girl, can be part of that world. It doesn't cross her mind that girls can be punk musicians.


Moving to London: But I Have No Money

I get many emails asking me for tips on how to move to London. I tend to be very encouraging, partly because of this and partly because I genuinely believe that moving to London is very doable for most people. But, and this is an important but, this city is far from easy (or welcoming!) and I'm not here to let people believe that moving here is all kittens, roses and Starbucks frappuccinos.

To get an accurate view of how London life can be, see this. Making it here is difficult and the day-to-day battles can be soul-destroying, no matter what your definition of 'making it' is. London life is incredibly rewarding, but getting to the rewards can take time, sweat and evenings spent crying on your couch in the cold because you can't afford the heating bill. And on that note, I'm here to answer a question that has been asked in several emails and comments: can I move to London with no money? 


The Bucket Bag

I'm loving the 70s trend this summer - finally I can rock my flared jeans again with pride (not that I ever stopped, not even when skinnies and boyfriends were all the rage), although I draw my limit at high-waisted. The best accessory to match with your flares? A bucket bag.

Preferably in black or a neutral shade, the bucket bag is the accessory that has the potential to transform your look, pulling it together in an instant, whether it's paired with smart separates or weekend casuals. See for yourself:


A Weekend in Oxford

Having lived in London for two and a half years, you get used to thinking that 'this is England' - then you venture outside London and notice the true feel of the 'English' - the architecture, the old feel of the pubs, the historic atmosphere and the grass that shines green, even when the skies are heavy with gray.


You Will Never Make It

I went to fashion school, and it's not half as creative as it sounds. 

Knowing that I wanted to work in fashion but certain that I wasn't a designer, I jumped on the only then-available option: marketing. As fascinating and interesting as I find marketing, I now spend my days wishing I'd studied journalism or literature instead. But what's done is done and at least I have a few stories to tell. 

One of these stories see me back on the day when a fashion journalist came to speak to our class. I couldn't wait: my passion for writing in combination with an endless curiosity and a love for magazines that bordered on the obsessive had made it clear: once university was over, I was going to be a fashion writer. Nothing was going to stop me. Or so I thought.

On the day of the fashion journalist's lecture, I sat in the front row of the class, ready with my notepad and my questions. In she came, a middle-aged lady with dyed hair and bright lipstick. She had the look of someone who'd seen it all - a life full of fashion wisdom to share. 


Vegan in Stockholm: StrÅ Juice Bar, Åhléns City

Since I went vegan, discovering new places to eat is one of my favourite things to do. I love exploring new menus and sampling new delicacies. Especially so in my home town of Stockholm, which, as I discover every time I go back, is becoming more and more vegan-friendly.

Case in point: juice bar StrÅ, a refreshing raw-food hotspot that recently opened in Åhléns City, one of Stockholm's biggest department stores (the name is Swedish for 'straw', but with a capital final Å for Åhléns. The Å is not an A, but is pronounce more like an 'o' sound).